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  1. The only issue I can see is that you would have to book a hotel room for 2 nights, with your flight bought for the evening of the second day, although you may not be selected for the second day of the audition. Still probably worth a try!
  2. Aaarrgh! My daughter is due to audition there in 10 days....wonder what will happen now. I hope it can be resolved for all concerned. There are quite a few young Brits in the company.
  3. Rizzo - for most applications students are being asked to include a link to their video recording, rather than sending a DVD. . You have a good point regarding differing content. Some companies want to see classwork, others are asking for a variation. Perhaps the recording can be divided into sections...
  4. Thanks Tulip. I've looked at the website and it seems ideal. Great!
  5. Oops, sent to 'report' instead of 'reply'! Thank you for asking your contact Karen.
  6. My daughter really needs a professional audition video. Can anyone recommend a company or person in the London area?
  7. I have heard good reports of Central Scotland Ballet School, for regular classes as well as the associate programmes mentioned above. When your daughter is a little older, she could audition for the Dance School of Scotland, which has excellent training, and is fully funded. I believe there are also outreach classes and holiday courses at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  8. I was in a sports superstore recently with my daughter and there were random pointe shoes just piled in a wire basket for anyone to buy, they were all dirty as no doubt lots of people had been trying them on (and out!) for a laugh.
  9. 'A Company of Swans' by Eva Ibottson is a beautifully written novel, set in Edwardian England and the Amazon. Suitable for mid teens and older.
  10. Hi Balletmadgirl - just sending you a pm.
  11. My daughter has gone to the course too.
  12. Just bought this for my dancing nephew (dn?)'s 13th birthday!
  13. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery is a lovely big old quirky Victorian museum, with usually plenty of parking outside, a nice cafe and if you're lucky some classical ensemble playing - about ten minutes drive from the Conservatoire. Or if you want to stay beside the RCS, you could park in the John Lewis car park and wait for your dd in the Buchanan Galleries mall (same shops as every other town though).
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