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  1. Nicola you are a fantastic teacher. You have a keen eye for detail and have given my dd so much confidence. She enjoys her lessons with you and she would love to be a student at your new ballet school.
  2. My DD currently receives private lessons with Woodside. Nicola pays attention to detail and she clearly has my child's interests at heart. A lovely person and an amazing teacher - Highly recommended!
  3. My DD did this course last year and absolutely LOVED it! She had a great time and learnt so much. Being such a limited number of students each one of them received individual attention and support from brilliant teachers - worth every penny!!
  4. Congratulations Billyelliott. Fantastic news x
  5. Hi <3 ballet, I've been told they need everything named. I'm going to use a stamp which prints the name easily onto socks and pants. I bought my stamp from www.easy2name.com I think the stamp lasts for up to 90 washes. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Tinker, I've heard from another auditionee that you should hear by early next week. Our acceptance came by post in an A4 envelope when our dd autioned a few months ago. Best of luck!
  7. Is there anyone out there which live in the South East of England which are going to accept a place with Elmhurst?
  8. Fingers crossed for all those still waiting! Big congratulations for those lucky ones today and commiserations to the no's.
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