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  1. When first Vadim Muntagirov, and then Natalia Osipova, were replaced I was rather disappointed. But the cast we had last night with Marianela Nunez and Roberto Bolle was I thought outstanding. It is such a passionate ballet and the two leads were wonderful. This was the first ballet I ever saw, about 12 years ago, and it was the thing that opened my eyes to dance, which I'd never really been interested in. So "Onegin" is special for me - but I do also think it is special in its own right. Anyway, I was prepared to be disappointed and I was in fact blown away again. Fabulous. Aren't we lucky, in London, to have so many great dancers, musicians, theatres, conductors, producers, designers etc etc etc? I do feel very privileged.
  2. I think Marianela Nuñez has the goddess in her. That was extraordinary. So much else was wonderful, it was a stupendous performance. But Nikiya was pure witchcraft; what a privilege to see. Thank you RB
  3. Le Beaujolais in Lichfield Street is a good wine bar
  4. Balcony right standing ticket GBP11.00. It says not suitable for people of short stature. Restricted view. This is an e ticket so easy to deliver
  5. I have a standing ticket, Balcony Right C64 but can’t go. Price £8 or make me an offer, I’d rather it is used than wasted. I’m going on holiday so it isn’t all bad news! I leave on 14th so after 13th it won’t be possible to post it. Graham
  6. Aargh I had two orch stalls for 9 March but have returned them now. Sorry, bother, grr
  7. I’ve returned them to ROH box office. But it is possible if they have not been resold yet that they may still be available if anyone is interested
  8. Orchestra stalls left. £112 per ticket, face value. I can deliver in Central London by arrangement. It’s the last performance, curtain 730pm. Very sad to miss it
  9. We went last night and I thought it was a fabulous night out. I wonder why this isn’t the sort of winter tradition that Nutcracker is. FB was a tiny bit shaky at first but warmed up and was a beautiful Aminta. I wonder whether NO is maybe not as focused on it as she can be though it was her debut I think so perhaps a few errors are not surprising: really small things but her technique is normally something that you can just take for granted...and she isn’t a very convincing huntress figure, somehow. Minor gripes. She is always so watchable. But what a show! The staging is just gorgeous without being a farrago of glitter and fuss. The music is so lush and the orchestra and soloists were on top form. I’m not knowledgeable enough to critique dancers really but Eros was outstanding. The costumes are wonderful, sort of Poussin via the 1950s. So many good things. Makes you proud to be human
  10. Last night we saw a triple bill at the Vienna State Opera house. I am not an expert, so please bear that in mind.... it was really a great evening. ‘Concerto’ ‘Eden|Eden’ and ‘Marguerite and Armand’. First thing I have to say is that the orchestra was superb. I think the music in ROH has improved a lot over the last 3 or 4 years but this was to my ear really a notch above. The dancing was beautiful. I was really impressed by Nikita Fogo, Nina Polokává, Roman Lazik in ‘Concerto’. The corps was outstanding too. The ‘Marguerite and Armand’ was odd. Fantastic music with a Japanese pianist, and we were knocked out by that. But the piece is strange I think. I’ve seen it once before and somehow it seems to leave me cold. That said the dancers again were as good as any I’ve seen: Ludmilla Konvalova and Jakob Feyferlik, who was really well cast as well as being wonderfully passionate and athletic. It was also interesting to see the theatre itself. The auditorium is probably a bit smaller than Covent Garden, and not as plush. But some of the public areas are stunning, despite being furnished and catered in a faintly municipal style. Although tickets are expensive I ge5 the impression the money is spent on Theda ding and the music, not on creating a ‘Wonderful Customer Experience’. Maybe they don’t ge5 as many corporate buyers of tickets in Vienna. I’d thoroughly recommend it. Sold out on a cold Monday in November, with a fairly challenging programme, so a good audience.
  11. Thank you I have been allocated row 2, one seat on the aisle, in the 'parkett' which I think is orchestra stalls. Should I try to change them do you think? Graham
  12. Many thanks. I'm struggling a bit with the theatre website, I think maybe tickets are not yet on sale. I'll try to call them G
  13. I may be going for a long weekend to Vienna, in November, and if so will try to book tickets for a triple bill on November 6th. https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/en/season-tickets/detail/event/967926754-macmillan-mcgregor-ashton/ Does anyone have any tips on seats, best way to book? And any restaurant recommendations would also be welcome! Thank you Graham
  14. It's rare that I see two casts but I saw Watson/Osipova (from a pretty bad spot, B70 which gives you maybe 60% view) and then Soares/Cuthbertson from orchestra stalls which is luxury. I have to say I found the first cast more enjoyable, not just for the dancers I have just named but more broadly: Larisch, Mitzi, .... Maybe because it was the first time I'd seeen and heard this ballet? Maybe having to stand up makes you more receptive he he But I also have to say that I think the Royal Ballet is on an absolute roll. So many great dancers, they have a fabulous ability to change and try out casts and it makes it really hard to choose which cast to book for. We are very lucky to have such talent here. I also think the music is just getting better and better over the last 4 or 5 years and I sometimes have to pinch myself, it's so good. I wonder where else in the world can compete?
  15. Just saw this in Canterbury and was very pleased. Sadly not sold out but some very good dancing and a lovely little orchestra. I think the Macmillan choreography is a masterpiece, but this was interesting and quite exciting. Short. The friar has a hugely extended role and it all happens on a smallish stage which I guess is also the case in Leeds. Anyone else seen it? I'd be curious to hear views.
  16. I went this afternoon, it was interesting but not great though I am really not an expert. We had Kimin Kim who was superb when called upon to dance but most of the time had very little to do. Natalia Matsak was a bit disappointing and didn't complete the 32 fouttes. Looked like 27 and then a stop. The ending was weird but expected, I really don't like this version at all. Some of the corps scenes were pleasing but there was I thought an overall rather flat vibe, the dancers didn't seem as engaged as you'd like them to be or expect them to be. I rather think that the acoustics in the Coliseum are better than ROH, though this orchestra was a bit....grumpy sounding. A bit sort of resentful. And a few buüm notes too. What was really weird was that before curtain went up there were loads of people in the wrong seats! Some of the ushers didn't seem very sure where the seats were. So all in all it was...interesting. But it kind of makes you realise how lucky we are with our own companies here in London and the UK. Roll on Francesca Hayward's Juliet. I am looking forward to that a lot
  17. I went to this, had no idea what to expect. It was very strange! Very glamourous with l It's of cameras and ball gowns and an unusual (to me) crowd. Some lovely parts but I Didn't really like the "edited highlights" approach though it was amazing to see so many wonderful dancers "The swan of Tuonela" I thought very beautiful, though it was a shame it was danced to recorded music. I'd love to hear other thoughts......
  18. The RSB are performing Swan Lake and La Fille Mal Gardee in Oxford, in March. I'm curious. Can anyone tell me anything about them? Will they have their own orchestra ? Is it a good venue? It could be interesting for me..... Thank you
  19. Is it certain there will be no 'Nutcracker' Christmas 2014? I am interested to know how we can see the calendar that far ahead. Is there some hidden part of the ROH website? Wouldnt surprise me.....though it does seem a bit better now. Thank you Graham
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