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  1. 29 minutes ago, RobR said:

    We have always waited until after after actual performances and, historically, don’t comment on rehearsals, is why I didn’t comment on the dancing, dancers or production when I posted yesterday. 

    I hope we can revert to this convention in future


    Why ?


    I'm not sure I see a problem in commenting briefly on rehearsals as long as the comments are positive.  If some people haven't bought tickets for the first Bracewell/Kaneko performance they might feel encouraged to do so on the strength of the positive comments here. 


    Maybe the mods can advise whether comments on rehearsals are permitted or not. 

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  2. On 03/10/2021 at 10:18, MJW said:



    William Bracewell and Fumi Kaneko certainly seem to make a lovely pairing - which is good as I am seeing them on the 9th!




    Bracewell and Kaneko danced the Friends rehearsal today. Their expressive, expansive dancing filled the RoH stage, what a beautiful partnership. It was all sublime. The company were on top form. The brisk tempo under Kessels drove the action forward at a terrifically exciting pace so that even the sometimes interminable sword fights had me on the edge of my seat. 



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  3. 4 hours ago, simonbfisher said:

    “We left Giselle at the end of Act 1 … and now I am going to write my verdict on the whole ballet, though I have no idea what happens in Act 2.”

    No, that doesn’t work, does it.




    Well OUCH ! 


    I said I left at the interval and I wrote my piece on the part of the ballet I saw; I have no idea why you think that doesn't work. 


    It's great that you loved it, I went very much wanting to but I sat through Act 1 twice and both times I found it unbearable. 





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  4. My friends and I also only lasted until the interval - same at the working stage rehearsal.

    I'd been really looking forward to this, I love Khan's work and particularly his reimagined Giselle. The "music" was a relentless aural assault even with earplugs and unlike Giselle, there was no discernible melody. It's not just an "age" thing either my 25 year old daughter felt exactly the same ! 

    I didn't find the choreography at all interesting and with the exception of the incredibly flexible Cirio the ENB dancers seemed woefully underused - poor Marie spent much of Act 1 pushing a mop around. 


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  5. At the Bridge Theatre recently it was almost a full capacity audience of whom I’d guess maybe 30% were wearing masks. 
    I’ve heard that Anything Goes at the Barbican has been full capacity and not much mask wearing. 
    I’m not exempt from wearing a mask myself but I overheat horribly and my glasses steam up. So for me it’s one thing wearing one on a tube which is a means to an end but rather different when I’m sitting in a theatre for enjoyment. If masks were compulsory my theatre trips would be pretty rare. 

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  6. I went to the rehearsal and the matinee today and thoroughly enjoyed it.


    My highlights today were


    the duet from Dust in which Jeffrey Cirio was mesmerising;


    Corsaire pd3 with terrific solos from Hernandez and McCormick - slightly less convinced by Natascha Mair who joined as a principal recently;


    and Playlist (Track 1, 2). 


    For a mid week matinee, it was well attended by an enthusiastic audience. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, LinMM said:

    One of the things I’m worried about on Thursday is that I’m not going to be able to stop my mask from fogging up once I put my glasses on in order to see the stage...which I have to wear these days. 
    If I can’t see it will ruin the performance so may have to slip mask off nose!! 
    Sometimes I can manage it but because I don’t need to be in this position very often certainly haven’t mastered it yet and the other day in M & S for example I just had to slip mask off nose for a few seconds to read a label (glasses at the other end of the scale) 

    If you are in a restaurant or cafe you only have to wear masks when moving around once settled at your table you do not have to wear one. 
    I will try to keep my mask on properly but am not promising! 
    I am double vaxxed though and live in an area with very low levels of the virus.  
    If I was that worried that I might pick the virus up by going to the theatre I wouldn’t go to be honest though realise this view may not be popular. 



    I have exactly the same problem with mask and glasses fogging up, some people seem to make it work but I find it almost impossible. 


    I am hoping that face masks in the theatre will soon be a thing of the past.


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  8. Yesterday was the Friends rehearsal for this bill; the cast was the one for the live streaming.  


    It's a terrific bill, I enjoyed it far more than I expected to. All three pieces looked well rehearsed and were well danced.


    Just to mention a couple of standout performances :


    Nunez/Muntagirov in Tchaikovsky pas de deux - what a joy ; and


    it's a long time since I enjoyed Dances At A Gathering as much as yesterday. In a very strong cast, Teo Debreuil caught my eye and Sambe's Brown boy was quite simply magnificent. 







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  9. On 26/05/2021 at 12:34, Dawnstar said:

    Also Steven McRae posted a couple of days ago that he was hoping to do Romeo with Sarah Lamb, so presumably Kevin O'Hare has told all the dancers the R&J casting for next season. It seems early but I suppose if they are opening in September with R&J then the end of May isn't that much notice.


    I have been thinking McRae might make a more interesting Tybalt than Romeo. 

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  10. I went, so nearly didn't bother it being a Monday evening with the prospect of getting drenched on the way there or back. 


    It was fabulous, what an uplifting evening, what a great mixed bill to return to the stage with.


    There was much variety in the 5 shortish pieces each of which was introduced by a brief video clip in the rehearsal room and a few words from the choreographer or dancers. 


    I enjoyed everything, if I had to pick highlights it would be Russell Maliphant's Echoes for the stunning combination of lighting and movement, Stina Quagebeur's funny and warm Take Five Blues, the haunting Dido's lament in Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Laid in Earth and the finale, Arielle Smith's superbly entertaining Jolly Folly. In the recorded clip Arielle Smith said she wanted to make us smile and she achieved that in spades. 


    All the dancers were absolutely terrific, you could tell how much it meant to them to be back. 


    It finished by 9 which included a short introduction from Alastair Spalding and Patrick Harrison. 




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  11. 17 hours ago, alison said:

    Oh yes, that's a point: gulping through a face mask is very uncomfortable.  Okay, then I'll have to rule out Requiem, as that sent me into floods of tears the first time it came back in the new House.  Although come to think of it, it might well be appropriate.


    If we're going for happy ballets, then I guess La Fille Mal Gardée.


    Fille gets my vote too but also I am really hoping that by the Autumn we won't have to wear face masks in the auditorium .......... 

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  12. I can’t see this mentioned anywhere here yet but would be grateful, mods, if you could move this if I have missed a relevant thread.


    Mariinsky did a live relay of Don Q on 4th Feb 2021 still available on Medici TV to subscribe or rent - for a week - I think. 




    Even if you’ve seen many performances of Don Q this is one to warm the heart: superlative artists Viktoria Tereshkina and Kimin Kim at the top of their game in the terrific Mariinsky production.


    Some fine performances in the supporting roles and the entrance of the matadors is guaranteed to lift spirits jaded by months of lockdown and loss of live ballet. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, ninamargaret said:

    Am I the only one to have watched and thoroughly enjoyed Sleeping Beauty? I loved the rapport between Kaneko and Bonelli - they appeared to really enjoy dancing with each other. Bonelli's little skip when he took his solo curtain call suggested that he was pretty pleased with things! The actual filming seemed spot on, possibly focussing more on telling the story than the actual dancing but highly enjoyable. I think several other forum members commented favourably when this was shown in cinemas so I'm probably just a bit late to catch up with it. One small point about these transmissions - it would be good to have access to a cast list somewhere - the quick scroll down at the end is not enough, especially for a ballet like SB where there are many characters.


    I watched it too and thought it was wonderful. Fumi Kaneko's Aurora was so lovely she brought tears to my eyes, a poignant reminder of all we have missed these last few months.

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