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  1. Japanese impresario known as NBS is particular about principal rank dancer casting. But there were few exceptions in the past. 2010 Ricardo Cervera, first soloist, danced Alain. Lise was Laura Morera, by the way. 2013 Beatriz Stix-Brunell, soloist at that time, was casted as Alice. Due to injury related reason, Yuhui Choe replaced Lauren Cuthbertson in the same role. She was/is first soloist.
  2. The casting is available. It does not appear on surface. You need to scroll down till Latest cast details part. Then choose individual date. https://www.roh.org.uk/mixed-programmes/the-firebird-a-month-in-the-country-symphony-in-c *edited to add more details
  3. I meant previous booking related pages have been hidden. I can’t see any difference or improvement sincec the new looking was expermented.
  4. The last time it was just IE with one of my laptops IE, Chrome and Safri display the same design this time. So the answer is probably no. The bookmarked production link leads to new designed page. So booking related pages have been hidden.
  5. The nightmare is back I can't see any improvement since they tried the first time. When you see feedback screen pops up, pleaase do feed back at that point. Once you move the page, it will not reappear. That is my case.
  6. Rear Stalls and First Circle seats are offered £25, on 26, 27 & 28 March. Almost 50% discount. https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/city/2957-london/NYAR-northern-ballet-victoria/
  7. I shoudn’tve quoted Sim’s post. I meant Mrcuitio and Mitzi Casper the ones appear at curtain call. I also don’t agree with curtain call at each end of act.
  8. Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Mitzi Casper in Mayerling are the few roles appear at curtain call. There could be more?
  9. ROH website display has gone back to the familiar display. What a struggle and frustration I experienced for the last few weeks.
  10. Scheduled in Firebird as Ivan Tsarevich on 4 &12June at Royal Opera House.
  11. The link below is from Royal Ballet Tokyo visit in 2016. Quite often there is a barrier and numbers of staff from promoting company keep their eye on they become a traffic controller when the waiting fan start pushing other fan. http://www.flickriver.com/photos/royaloperahouse/27202500823/
  12. Exacyly. I accessed ‘Visit us’ section via my mobile phone just now. Somehow only this section shows the new looking page on my mobile at the moment. The new look is designed for smart phones. Although the header is eye harting font size, it works better than computers on the surface. But once you try to look for the event could be another thing. A lot of websites offer both pc and mobile version. I hope we could choose the display.
  13. If you have got just one device, I can only think one option. After opening menu click "News", "Learning", "Support us" or "About us". Then scroll down to the bottom. You would see season currendar. From there either you pick up the production/event you are after or open event calendar. If you choose event calendar, you may need to filter categories. I can't think other options. Once you pick up a programme you are after, go to the top of the page. Click "Production". All forthcoming main performances will line up. *edited to add further tips.
  14. My private laptop has both Internet Explorer and Chrome. The former shows this new looking site The latter still shows the current site. I also use my laptop and desk top at work use Internet Explorer. Both display the current site. It is random. Ian This is my answer to you. I have a few devices. It is only my laptop with IE shows the new site. *edited to add reply to Ian.
  15. I don't think there is a dedicated thread on new looking ROH site. Agree with blcoky pages.
  16. When you come across the performance whis is not open to book. You would see this image. When you open 'more info', you will see performing dates with details which is familiar to us.
  17. By the way, if you click 'filter' you would see this. Forgive me bombarding the postings. This is due to upload limit.
  18. Then Double bill on 12th Feb appears under Ballet Dots.
  19. When you click this Dance and event, this event comes up on top. Yes, it is in dance category, but I would say majority of us would expect a performance at main auditorium. I guess events are lined up chronogically. This event happens on 11 Feb.
  20. I guess so. My laptop shows this page, but smart phones show the current or old page.
  21. Right under Tickets and events, dance secion is listed.
  22. I have saved ROH website screen. This is the page I see on my laptop after opening what's on.
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