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  1. This made me very happy! Congratulations
  2. He is 16 almost 17. The standard is phenomenal.... So much so that some working professionals have come to take class. Up to age 14 in the pre senior class and students from all over the world. No boarding facilities though...
  3. We did Pvps with a dad travelling from near the south coast. It was exhausting but completely worthwhile and I am glad I was mad enough to do it:) Good luck with the decision .
  4. Thank you for this lovely post. It is encouraging when sometimes the path. Seems so rocky !!
  5. I have been impressed by the quality of teaching and the standard of dancing of participants at the Russian imperial masters of ballet summer school taught by Vagabova Academy teacher, so much attention to detail. Highly recommended. Long days and students kept very busy!
  6. The Vyne Berkhamsted is running a coppeia workshop week from 8th August for a week. Classes and rep culminating in a performance. I believe there is an ENB guest teacher too. Being attended by vocational and non vocational students.
  7. It was a lovely presentation. Such talent on show!
  8. Are all JA results out now then?
  9. Was anyone else at the open day today? What a lovely day! It was the first time I have gone and I really enjoyed the whole day in the beautiful surroundings. How lucky to be able to go to school there! I thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic dancing from JAs to Year 11... Tho think the Scottish was my favourite:) what fabulous dancing. I had a very tasty Dahl lunch, a fab cuppa, and a tour around the school. And the rain held off throughout:) Would definitely go again... And would recommend for a lovely day out.
  10. My dd was on waiting list last year but had no luck:( (Edited by Mod)
  11. My family has had a few go through the system at Tring. It is fair to say that they had their heads turned by dance, however the academic staff did their utmost to keep me informed of any lapses in homework, missing coursework, poor effort (you get the picture Happy to say the last two left with really good sets of results. I do not dispute they may have done better at our local (at the time) comprehensive which was and still is graded 'Outstanding'. However, not only have they done well enough to pursue whatever A levels they choose, but they have also gained many other valuable skills which will be useful in the job market. In addition, the smaller class sizes have been beneficial to my youngest dd who is performing above her target grades. My other DS was also kept nose to the grindstone while at the Hammond and left with a good crop of A and A stars
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