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  1. I absolutely agree. His courage and tenacity are remarkable and the pictures are both beautiful and very moving.
  2. As Troyte in Enigma Variations. Last time, Alexander Campbell (who turns right) turned left, whereas Matthew Ball turned right.
  3. Her Giselle with Carlos Acosta at the ROH remains one of my most cherished ballet memories, although I really didn’t enjoy her in The Sleeping Beauty with David Hallberg.
  4. Absolutely. Whether as Des Grieux, Florimund orAlbrecht. The quality of his dance acting reminds me of David Wall, and he’s quite the virtuoso too. The quality of human nobility is not measured in inches. I doubt he’d wish to dance Benno again, but he’s breath-takingly good in the Act 3 Trio with Hayward and Takada from 2018.
  5. I really enjoyed watching this. I found it interesting that the original male casting, Eagking and then Cassidy, was along the more heroic build, but the role now seems cast with more compact dancers. Most noticeably, the emphasis was very much on style and characterisation. Watching the complete Park / Eagling performance, there was no sense of technical limitation (why would there be as the choreography was created on these dancers) and yet in the Masterclass, at the rehearsal I saw and on the stream, the dancers seemed uncomfortable, even inhibited by the demands.
  6. On my way up to town for today’s General, my first time at the ROH since 2 March 2020. Very excited, and not just because one of my artists singing Morgen 🙂
  7. Am I the only one who had a fond wish that Laura Morera might finally be granted Juliet …
  8. How lovely. One of my artists is singing the last four performances of Morgen (including the stream) so, with no disrespect to Francesca Hayward, I hope they will coincide….
  9. I absolutely concur re Giselle. Juliet too, but would management even consider that having already cast her as Nurse. Mind you, if all had gone to plan over Christmas she would have been the first Nurse to go on to debut as Clara…
  10. An interesting idea. Many years ago (1977?), Margaret Barbieri who was with what was then SWRB danced Juliet with the RB at the ROH and in the late 70’s there were opportunities for RB dancers to try roles with SWRB that they didn’t perform at the ROH: I’m sure Monica Mason danced a couple of Giselles under such circumstances…
  11. I didn’t see their first performances in either role (although I did see Antoinette Sibley’s first London Giselle when much too young to remember anything beyond the sea of flowers at the end) but I do count amongst my most moving Royal Ballet experiences (I know there are other companies so this is strictly personal), Lesley Collier’s last Giselle and Antoinette Sibley’s last Manon. Capybara is absolutely correct in that heightened emotion affects the response, and I’d be hard pushed to remember specific details other than Mukhamedov looking as if his heart would break as Giselle left him and the sheer abandon of Sibley in the Bedroom pas de delux, but they still register in the memory as performances I feel privileged to have seen.
  12. As I wrote, if the Mods are uneasy please delete...
  13. The Mods will delete this if it counts as a speculative, but whilst I’d agree that the promotions suggest a number of imminent departures, I think these may be staggered rather than end of season to enable certain artists to leave with a properly prepared farewell performance in a favoured role.
  14. There’s a sadly valedictory tone to the Ballet Association interview with Laura Morera, and a sense of real hurt too, whilst Sarah Lamb isn’t appearing during the Summer season, although I understand she is scheduled to be dancing elsewhere. Also surprised re Bracewell and even more so re Clarke, as although he has had a recent promotion, he has danced more of the principal roles in the Classics with the Royal Ballet than Corrales, although I would imagine that a speedy promotion was part of his starting as a First Soloist having been a Principal at ENB agreement. However, congratulations to all, and particularly pleased re Fumi Kaneko, Nicol Edmonds and Joseph Sissens.
  15. I would hope to see Fumi Kaneko promoted. Indeed, I was surprised that this didn’t happen after the cinema screening of The Sleeping Beauty.
  16. Bergsma was also Stella in the ROH’s Schlesinger production of The Tales of Hoffmann. And today is her birthday 🙂
  17. No, the ROH production La Clemenza di Tito in which Bergsma was Berenice was first performed in 1974... Are you thinking of Death in Venice? That was premiered in 1973.
  18. It’s a mime role, not included in the libretto but sometimes introduced to help clarify the story. Deanne Bergsma took the role in the 1974 production at the ROH.
  19. Thanks. Clarke is listed in the second cast so it must be replacing Edmonds...
  20. Goodness, she’d only just hit back for Dances last time hadn’t she....
  21. No Sarah Lamb in WTGH or DAG and no Tierney Heap either... Can anybody remember who Teo Debreuil is taking over from in the second cast of DAG? I’ve tried some googling but can’t find details of the 2020 second cast...
  22. At a personal level, I’m delighted that one of the six is on my management roster ...
  23. Listening to the Merle Park reminds me that my Pa sent me a cassette of this broadcast when I was away at Choir School. I’d never heard any Andrew Lloyd Webber before, whilst the Finlandia was a revelation (turned out my Mama loved it) and I was most taken with the Kwela Joe 🙂
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