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  1. This hopefully should give you a link to the Facebook page. On here you can keep up with what is going on with Phoenix Associates, videos, photos, and posters about artists that are due to teach or have already taught :-) https://www.facebook.com/stinsonstageacademy/
  2. Thanks all / Anna C for your comments I will read the information on the link when I get a moment. I also do have a DD that attends Phoenix Associates and I do want to share this with you. In the meantime hopefully this link will work for you and if you click on this it should take you to Phoenix Associates Webpage where there is a video of Rick Tjia teaching a Masterclass. If it does not work you can google Phoenix Associates and also Phoenix Associates on Facebook. Whilst you are there check out Leyton Williams who is also going to do be teaching a class at Phoenix very soon. http://
  3. RARE OPPORTUNITY! Phoenix Associates have a Ballet Masterclass with Senior Talent Scout Rick Tjia. This is a rare opportunity to take this class in the UK. (London and Midlands). You are not tied into Phoenix by attending this , it is a Masterclass . Please see video link to view Rick Tjia at work. Only a few pleases left on both the young dancer and Pro dancer class if you are interested get in touch asap to secure your place https://www.facebook.com/stinsonstageac... 223658553/
  4. Not long now to wait for this amazing opportunity. My DD is so excited about doing this Masterclass. If your interested get in touch sooner rather than later as not many places are left ????
  5. Hi the link in my first post takes you to the website which tells you about the price and all the info you need. Rick Tjia from Cirque is Classical Ballet and not gymnastics and Natalie James is contemporary, being flexible will be an advantage in this class but not something which should put you off attending. the price is £30 in total for the masterclass ????
  6. Hi. Just in case anyone is interested. Special Guest Workshop with Rick Tjia / Senior Talent Scout for Cirque Du Soleil and Natalie Nicole James.......There is more information on the website link below. The workshop will consist of Classical Ballet Technique & Contemporary Improvisation. http://www.phoenix-associates.co.uk/masterclasses My DD recently did the Lion King Workshop with them and loved learning the actual Lion King Choreography
  7. Summer School intensive Have you ever wanted to spend a week or two training in a professional Dance / Musical Theatre environment? SSA Summer School is delighted to give young dancers and performing arts students the opportunity to enhance their training and will be held at the prestigious Urdang Academy in Central London. A Number of our associate course teachers will be teaching at the summer school together with some very big stars from the stage and screen! Stinson Stage Academy Summer School and Associates provides the highest calibre of artistic education for gifted you
  8. I am a mother whose DD attends Stinson Stage Academy. She also attends a full time performing arts school in London as do many others who attend SSA. I understand what everyone on here is saying and respect your views but I do not want to loose the main purpose of the thread which is to spread good news about excellent training. I am aware that there is an amazing Half term offer on at the moment which is worth exploring. They have amazing teachers as already stated by others further up in this post. http://www.stinsonstageacademy.com/ takes you to the Half term offer. Its a ridiculously
  9. https://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Rowbotham-Dance-Photography/183451105001374 I recommend Jim Markland he is an amazing photographer. He has photographed dancers for us that danced with top USA Company's.
  10. www.stinsonstageacademy.com have a guest teacher this Sunday. Luke Fetherston from Singing In The Rain (West End), Top Hat (West End), and Cabaret (West End). He will be doing a Workshop in Tap within the Musical Theatre Course at SSA.
  11. Hi Im not sure about Tring Park Associates but if you are looking for something that will push your DD then take a look at http://www.stinsonstageacademy.com/ this is on a Sunday at Danceworks London Hope you find what you are looking for
  12. Hi Have you looked at http://www.chantrydancecompany.org/ they are very good/. My DD has been in a workshop lesson with them and she totally enjoyed it. Hope you find what you are looking for
  13. We are looking at applying to your courses. My DD wants to go into Musical Theatre in the future but she wants to be a dancer not a singer. Which is the best course for us to apply for ?
  14. The link has worked for me. I have taken a look and I am very impressed with the Artistic Director ! http://www.thewriocreative.com/staff I have been in touch with them and the places are going fast which I was not surprised to hear to be honest.
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