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  1. Unfortunately can no longer attend this performance. Mon 17th June 7.30pm I have Stalls Circle Standing D48 for sale at £18. A paper ticket. My sister will be there so can hand over ticket in person. Please PM me if interested.
  2. RB Triple Bill on Fri 14/06 eve Seeking a Stalls Circle Standing ticket for this performance please if anyone has or knows of one going begging... Many thanks, Edwina
  3. I bought this ticket from Anna for the matinee performance with Beatrix and will still be using it I’m afraid!
  4. Desperately seeking a SCS ticket for this performance please! If anyone has one going spare or hears of one. Many thanks, Edwina
  5. Hi Sim, I have SCS 50 going spare if any interest?
  6. I have SCS 50 available for this performance. Will be there on the day so can hand over or leave at box office. Please PM me if interested.
  7. Desperately seeking one or two SCS tickets for this performance please, if anyone has or hears of one or two going begging. Many thanks, Edwina
  8. Balcony standing C66 £11 Cast: Sarah Lamb/Vadim Muntagirov An e-ticket so can send over by email. Please PM me if interested.
  9. Would dearly love one or two SCS for this performance please, if anyone hears of a ticket or two available for sale. Thanks.
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