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  1. I'll take them please, do you want to dm me with all details to pay, thank you
  2. And what condition are the underneath please? Very interested x
  3. do you have a photo please? would be interested in both
  4. If you still have size 1 leotard I will have, I got a 2, but too big!
  5. She's 46cm to knee, and 56cm waist, so guess g this would be OK, does say to add 10, sure I could move waistband bit. So I will take if still have x
  6. Sorry is this inches or cm? I will have if Charlotte doesn't want. Thank you
  7. Thank you reply, yes that is helpful!
  8. Lots of London got their emails today, so wonder if it is by centre? For those selling bits, I would be interested in anything fitting a new year 4 JA, she is 56cm waist and 46cm to just below knee. Just pm me
  9. Is the size 2 big? I think the skirt and tracksuit would fit. Do you have picture of skirt please?
  10. Is this generous? My little one is 8
  11. Is this including the extra 10cm material, or is that the length to knee, my daughter is 56 waist and 46cm waist to back of knee, will this be too big?
  12. We found out that our dd is a yes for london 24. We weren't sure if we could take the place due to lesson clash at her dance school and little sister, but we went for the shorter course to make sure we could increase chances of doing it, by her teacher has been amazing and means we can now accept her place. I had been watching the thread but after seeing videos only watched once I thought we were out first round! Looking forward to meeting some of you. She is in the ja1 group
  13. Where do you measure length of skirt to please?
  14. Where do you measure length to? Sorry new to JA
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