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  1. Ooo I remember you from last year! Such a relief hey? Well done! 🎉
  2. Yeah it was a couple of weeks after the initial SWL email
  3. Controversial but I'm wondering if results will be after the government announcement on 14th June about social distancing guidelines being relaxed from 21st? I think distancing rules were a key point in how many children they could accept last year?
  4. My daughter's JEP class has about 14 girls and they are from across the whole country - one girl is in Ireland - I'm pretty sure my daughter is the only one in her group from Eastleigh but I know there are other Eastleigh girls in the programme somewhere. Her teacher runs 3 JEP classes on a Saturday
  5. Very good point. Makes sense to not expect results until after JEP ends 👍
  6. Year 5 for Eastleigh had views! Seems they've watched most of the first and 5 mins of the second and third Tick tock, hopefully only a couple of weeks to go 😬🤷‍♀️
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