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  1. This discussion on 'lefties' and 'righties' made me go back and rewatch 'Symphonic Variations' which is available for those who subscribe to Marquee TV. It is, of course, an ensemble piece but I noticed that when the 3 men (Muntagirov, Hay and Dyer) did a double tour together Muntagirov turned to the right, but when he was doing solo double tours he turned to the left.
  2. Thank you for your review Marie. I was I the stalls circle too last night and thought that Yasmine and Vadim made a great partnership. I think that this thread has shown that we all have different opinions, and they’re all equally valid. One only has to read the critics in some newspapers to wonder if they’ve seen the same show! Anyway, apart from the chemistry question IMO there was plenty to enjoy in Vadim’s performance. Also, since I haven’t seen this ballet for many years I’d forgotten how absolutely gorgeous the music is!
  3. Osipova and Muntagirov have been very complimentary about each other in the past. In a clip on YouTube about Raymonda in which they both appeared, Muntagirov calls Osipova "a wonderful ballerina and so inspiring". He went on to say that she pushes him to his limit and makes him improve! On the other hand Osipova says that "Vadim is not just a fantastic dancer and partner, but I don't have to tell him anything since he does everything perfectly!" For myself I'd love to see them partnered more together.
  4. KOH came on before the start to say that Valentino Zucchetti had had an accident on his bike which was why he couldn’t perform tonight. Apparently he’s not badly hurt but was advised to rest.
  5. Managed to get a single (!) ticket today in the front row of the amphitheatre for next Friday! 👍
  6. Further to my post above the ROH puts not only the safety of the public but itself at risk (from fines or even worse) by not having enough staff to keep an eye on what is going on in any particular area. At Cadogan Hall since their reopening they've had to take on extra staff because of the Covid rules, whilst having a greatly reduced income from tickets. They're lucky that unlike the ROH they can rely on volunteers but the ROH has a lot of sponsorship and surely they can afford to take on extra staff (for what will hopefully be a short time) in order to try and ensure everyone's safety.
  7. I work as a volunteer usher at Cadogan Hall in Chelsea and we are instructed, (whilst not disrupting the performance) to ask people to keep their masks on at all times. Is it perhaps a little too difficult for the ushers to see everyone in the amphitheatre? Anyway it was very poor behaviour by these audience members and I hope it didn’t distract you too much from the wonders going on on stage.
  8. Just back from a fab evening at the ROH tonight. I had managed to bag myself a single seat at the back of the orchestra stalls and I was very pleased that I had a great view since there was only one not very tall person in the row in front and no-one else in my row! Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the show from start to finish. I loved Apollo which, I thought was superbly danced by Muntagirov, ably supported by his lovely muses. The highlight was the beautiful pas de deux with Muntagirov and Naghdi and I loved the solemn little bow they gave when the audience applauded at the end of it. As for the Tchaikovsky PDD Osipova was really on sparkling form tonight. Reece Clarke partnered her very well but I agree that this sort of showpiece number doesn't really play to his strengths. However, his variation still got a big cheer from the audience. I had seen DAAG before when it was streamed, and thought it dragged on a bit, but this time, whether it was the pleasure of seeing it in the flesh or the great cast, I unexpectedly really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the trio of Nunez, Kaneko and particularly Hayward. Of the men Bonelli and Bracewell stood out particularly for me.
  9. Great pictures Rob after what looks like a fantastic evening! If you go to Vadim Muntagirov’s Instagram he has just posted a series of lovely backstage photos of him and his Muses. Photos five and six are especially amusing.
  10. Reading her wonderful IG posts she’s always struck me as being very bright so her wanting to pursue an academic career is not a total surprise. Very sad to see her go and I’m sure she’ll be greatly missed by the company and by her many fans. However, the very best of luck to her for the future.
  11. I must admit that I was surprised at Steven McRae announcing that Sarah Lamb would be his partner for R&J, although presumably it had been agreed in advance. As for a new partner for Muntagirov, I'd love to see him do Romeo with Stix Brunell. They've danced together a few times and seem to have good chemistry. Failing that I'd also love him to be partnered with Naghdi.
  12. I have one ticket available for 7 June in the balcony C52 £77. You would have to sit next to me (fully vaccinated)
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