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  1. Well done, was that today? Still no news for my last 2 for Hull.
  2. Not yet! I might email them today as it's nearly a week since my other ones heard.
  3. My 2 are both year 7 & inter foundation too. The ones that have got a yes have been placed in lower mids and are grade 2 & 3
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yes all 4 were given a place, although the 2 that haven't heard are slightly older. Our videos were quite last minute too as we waited to be back in the studio before filming them.
  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has not heard from Hull Ballet boost? I had 6 audition and 4 heard on Saturday but 2 are still yet to hear.
  6. Hi, has anyone else not heard anything from the CAT recall? Thanks.
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