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  1. I actually like Nunez as Aurora, I think her style fits the role. However, it would be interesting to see Osipova doing the fishdives as she's a fast dancer
  2. Probably since you can see things with more detail. I'm pretty sure that I'm like that though. Never watch the live shows cause I'm not from UK
  3. Speaking of the fishdives, I think a lot of people are doing it slower now. The fastest nowadays that I've seen from RB recording is Bonelli with Cojocaru and Cuthbertson with Polunin. After that it's slower
  4. Like I said before I will make the review of the rest of the stream when I have time to watch it, now I finally get the time to watch the rest of the stream (I don't watch DAAG though). I like Ball's Apollo I thought he dance and interpret his role really well. I like that part when he realise his power as a god. Like someone said here he doesn't have Muntagirov's lines (I can only judge from pictures as I can't attend the live show), but his Apollo is great and worth to watch. The muses danced their roles well too, I really like their acting and expressions. I thought that the whole performance is great and worth to watch
  5. So sorry to hear this, I hope everyone's alright. By the way I've always heard that bubble thing, what is that exactly?
  6. Agreed. I would rather see them together in winter dreams tbh (curious about it)
  7. I just watched the stream and brought my friend along. I'm only able to watch the tchai pdd at the moment, will write more after I watch the other 2 performances (I'm planning to watch Apollo, I don't know if I would watch DAAG). Nunez and Muntagirov are just so awesome in this, just when I think that the rehearsal last year was good, this is more or less even better. They are just pretty much perfection (I use the word pretty much because I believe that nothing is perfect in this world). Really love Muntagirov's entrechat, I don't know it's just so pleasing to look at, those double tours are so good, and most of all I like his manege, it's fast, powerful, and it looks so light and effortless. I also love Nunez's petit allegro and how she dances on the beat. I love how they use their hands and arms too. And of course I really love the sheer joy that they show. My friend who don't watch ballet as much as I do was also impressed. He loved how Muntagirov dance on the beat and how he beautifully use his feet during his solo variation. Now I'm looking forward to watch Matthew Ball's Apollo when I can. I'm sorry if I probably get some terminologies wrong, I don't dance but I do some research sometimes on the technique/terminologies and I'm still trying to understand them
  8. Someone posted these on instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CPxo-54A556/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CPxpRBcAABu/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CPxppZLgHL0/
  9. Really sad to hear this but congratulations and good luck for her at Stanford. I really love her stage presence and how she inhabits her roles. I remember her in Swan Lake, even though she's just a side character she really inhabited that role, giving it life, and that contributes to make the whole production a special one. The audiences will surely miss her
  10. Oh my God I hope they will stream A Month in the Country next year
  11. Would like to see him in this role. He always have that smugness/arrogance in his character interpretation/acting that I think would fit Tybalt
  12. Also acting wise I think in R&J it would be heartbreaking. Saw Naghdi in R&J stream and imo she has the most heartbreaking silent scream in the end. I couldn't see a performance live as I'm not from London, but I saw a review that said that Muntagirov as Romeo showed a wide range of emotions from joy, heartbreak, and anger. I think both of them combined might also be spectacular acting wise (hopefully)
  13. I never knew that Nureyev danced Des Grieux- interesting
  14. I've just found that the promotion announcement from ROH's facebook was in June 2010
  15. Wait is that accurate tho? Because judging from when Polunin was born (1989 according to wikipedia) he would be 20 or 21 in 2010
  16. While of course other people and I have their own favourites, I do think that there must be something that make these dancers spectacular in their own way
  17. Welp can't watch it then since vimeo is blocked in my country unless I use VPN which is very slow. Really want to see this especially since they choose one of their songs from Vivaldi. I'm not really a fan of contemporary dances but still very curious
  18. Oh my God yes for Buvoli. I really like her stage presence, I remember her in Coppelia
  19. Actually I found the schedule few days ago from this forum before I join this forum. Just wanna say thanks for the information unfortunately I can't attend as I live so far away from the UK, but will try to find a way to watch the livestream. Really wanna see Nunez and Muntagirov do that Tchai PDD after I saw them rehearsed it last year
  20. Such a shocking and sad news. I really love his Swan Lake, it's the first ever to move me. The way he rehearsed that Swan Lake, the way he explained the choreography to the dancers was brilliant. What a loss of life and talent. My deepest condolences to his family and friends
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