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  1. Thank you for your kind words about the class SJBallet, we miss you! We started on Sleeping Beauty this Term.
  2. http://www.laetitialosardoballet.com Hi everyone! For the Autumn I have extended my range of Repertoire classes online for Adults. We learn and explore sections and variations of classical ballets such as The Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Giselle, and many more. I am a former First Soloist with the Birmingham Royal Ballet with over 20 years teaching experience. Come and try your first class for FREE. Recordings of live classes also available. Wednesdays 1:45pm - 3:15pm (UK time) 8:45am - 10:15am (USA Edt time) Thursdays 10am-11:30am (UK time) 7pm - 8:30pm (Australia Aest time) If the times don’t suit you, don’t worry, you can also access recordings of live sessions. Though regular attendance is encouraged for progression and really grasping the essence of the style and steps, classes are on a drop-in basis, so you don’t necessarily have to commit every week. To book your free trial or any enquiries, you can contact me: Email: lklosardo@hotmail.com Instagram: laetitialosardo FB: Laetitia Lo Sardo Ballet Teacher Website: www.laetitialosardoballet.com I also offer private lessons, Body Conditioning classes and workshops.
  3. What a great session we had today dancing the Spanish variation “Bolero” from Coppelia! If you’ve missed it, here’s another chance to have a go at it on my new Zoom Workshop on Sunday 11th July at 10am-11:30am. For more details: Email: lklosardo@hotmail.com Instagram: laetitialosardo Facebook page: Laetitia Lo Sardo Ballet Teacher www.laetitialosardoballet.com
  4. New Repertoire workshop on Zoom for Young Dancers (11+) and Adults with me, Laëtitia Lo Sardo I am a Former First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet and a qualified teacher with the RAD (PDPTC) The workshop will be on: Sunday 11th July 10am-11:30am We will explore the Spanish Dance “Bolero” from the ballet Coppelia. Grab a fan and join us for this fun, full of character variation. I have performed this variation many times as Swanhilda with Birmingham Royal Ballet and I can’t wait to share it with you! Price: £14.50 Level: Intermediate onwards For more details: Email: lklosardo@hotmail.com Instagram: laetitialosardo Facebook page: Laetitia Lo Sardo Ballet Teacher www.laetitialosardoballet.com PS: Don’t worry if you haven’t got a fan. A small notebook or a book would work just fine, or you could make a simple paper one 😉 Looking forward to seeing you there!
  5. SJBallet, looking forward to seeing you then! It should be fun! 😄
  6. NEXT WEEK: Spanish variation from the ballet Coppelia on Zoom. Grab a fan (or make a paper one 🙂 - a small notebook would work too) and join us next Thursday morning to learn this wonderful, fun variation. This is a great a class to complement your regular ballet class and enjoy learning sections from your favourite ballets. I look forward to seeing you then! Zoom repertoire ballet class Every Thursdays at 10am No need to commit every week, join us when you can.
  7. Very excited to start a new section tomorrow for the repertoire class: “The entrance of the Swans”. Yes! From home! Just hearing the music gives me goosebumps! I can’t wait to share this with you ladies! This one is going to be a bit of a workout! 🙂 See you tomorrow at 10am!
  8. I’m so looking forward to our class tomorrow for more Swan Lake! Come and join us whenever you can! Everything is explained and taught fully every class, so you don’t have to worry about having to catch up! 🙂 It’s so lovely to see all my ladies really engaging and getting into the movement! See you tomorrow at 10am on Zoom! For more details: Email: lklosardo@hotmail.com Instagram: laetitialosardo Website: www.laetitialosardoballet.com
  9. That’s great @SJBallet! That’s exactly what I hoping those classes would do, I’m so glad! At the moment, I am only teaching in the studio for Elmhurst Ballet School. I hoping to sort out a studio space maybe by September. I will post on this forum if/when this might happen. For now, it’s home from home and like you said, you can dance like no one is watching 😊
  10. Really glad you enjoyed it Balletbuds80 🙂 Repetition is key to really embody the movement so we would always cover the same section or number for several weeks and I would always fully explain everything every time. So anyone can join at any point. I am so enjoying these classes! I’m getting such positive feedback, it’s wonderful. Even my husband has been commenting on how good it is to see ME in such high spirit after this class! Ha! Ha! Ballet and classical music are such good therapy, to get inspired and to be moved, and Swan Lake is just perfect for that! We’ll done everyone! I can’t wait for next week for more Swan Lake! 😊
  11. Well! What a fantastic first class we had today! Thank you so much to everyone who attended! Loved every moment. Swan Lake is such a fantastic score, and so moving! I love its lyricism and it was so nice seeing every really get into it! I can’t wait for our class next week for more! 😊
  12. Thank you for your great comments 🙂 You don’t have to be on pointe for my repertoire classes. In fact, I would only allow pointe work if you have a proper dance floor, otherwise it could be really dangerous. During lockdown, I have kept all pointe classes at the barre. As I mentioned before, you don’t have to commit every week, drop in is fine. I realise that dancing at home online is not for everyone, but since the first lockdown and teaching online for Elmhurst Ballet School, I was amazed at the possibilities and what could be achieved in a small space at home. As a teacher, it is a great challenge and with an open mind and a bit of creativity, my students were able to do more or less do a full ballet class (apart from Grand Allegro) in their kitchen or their living room. And this was evidence when we were to teach in the studio again and students had retained their placement, strength and progressed! This has led me to organise my own classes, and with so many regular ballet classes online, I thought that repertoire could be something a bit different that people could enjoy and a great addition to people’s regular ballet class.
  13. Thank you for your questions and interest. Classes are open to anyone who is of Intermediate level (and above) as I feel that Beginners would find it challenging. However, I would always cater for attendants and adapt accordingly. You do not have to commit every week. You can drop in when you can. Though, you would get most benefit if you attend regularly. Classes (and rep) are adapted for being home. As long as you have enough space to extend your arms and legs all around, this will be sufficient space - and a chair for a barre. I would do the same piece of repertoire for about a month -or until I feel the group is ready to move on. This would give everyone a chance to get a good grip of the steps, style and feel improvement. We will start with Swan Lake, particularly focusing on the arms of the Swan, as this is what I did in my last adult workshop and most people felt they wanted to keep working on it. I also try to keep it seasonal if possible (ie: Nutcracker at Christmas, Giselle for Halloween etc...) I’m also hoping to eventually go beyond the classics and maybe explore some Balanchine etc... For now, classes will be online -at least until the summer anyway. Also it gives an opportunity for people who are not local to Birmingham to access my classes. Even online, there will be an opportunity to feel the camaraderie and shared experience like in the studio, as I feel it’s important to discuss and share experiences (about the topic or steps of course) to expand learning. This is where this class would really differ from one-off workshops as there isn’t any time to do that in workshops. If the class is a success and there is demand for it, I will definitely look into hiring a studio for the future.
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