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  1. Fantastic opportunity for those in the North and a wonderful teacher too!
  2. My daughter is finishing year 6 this year and no longer needs her character skirt. It’s like new as they haven’t worn it much. Would anyone be interested in buying secondhand? If so I can put the measurements on here. Regarding tue tracksuits everyone in my dd’s class has them and the do the first set of warmup exercises in them. I would buy slightly bigger as they do shrink slightly in the wash.
  3. Don’t worry they really do go back to basics and then build. My daughter joined in year 6 last year and has developed so much this year. They also only take them on at this stage if they are physically where they need them to be.
  4. Last year the JA results came out in June half term, so not long now fingers crossed!
  5. My daughter was allowed leather split sole but I do believe some wear canvas so it must differ from centre to centre.
  6. Just shows hard work pays off, well done to your DD and for not giving up!
  7. Short waiting list for us too! I think the MA places offered will be very few. We applied for Manchester and were told that there are very few places here due to the group being a mix of years 7, 8 and 9 students.
  8. Fantastic, we thought that was the case but just wanted to double check. Very lucky to have the choice and I am sure some of those reserves will get places once decisions have been made by families.
  9. Also new to the forum. My DD has been offered places on both CAT and associate programme. For those with children already on the CAT am I right in thinking they can still dance with their local dance schools?
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