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  1. We've booked in for a tour of NBS and Medlock on 19th May - all very exciting! However, no DaDA news as yet. If not offered a DaDA does anyone know when further details of enrolment will be sent out e.g uniform etc? Feeling a little in limbo at the moment!
  2. Hi Balletmum74, I totally agree with you - mum worries are whether they will make friends, be happy etc!! Have you applied for a tour yet? I have emailed the school but are yet to hear and likewise still waiting to hear about DaDA.
  3. The tours sound like a great idea and thankfully Eszter found some accommodation for DD at Medlock. Happy days!
  4. Thanks. I have just spoken to Eszter - very helpful. I don't have her direct number though. I'm just going to email details to her and hope she can place my daughter. Might not be at Medlock though, although I think she has other NBS students to place too!
  5. Thankyou for your replies. I think I'll give Eszter a ring to see if she can sort something out for us.
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post so hopefully I am doing everything correctly. My DD has a place at NBS for Sept and I'm just trying to sort out accommodation. It seems most NBS 1st years are going to Medlock, is this the case? I had applied to dwell, but so far no other NBS students have applied there and they won't house a 16yr old with older students. Is anyone else planning to apply to dwell? If anyone has any advice/thoughts I would be really grateful (stressed Dance Mum!)
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