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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about this, anything like this must be extra difficult when your child is boarding. I just wanted to balance things slightly by saying that not being told how the situation is being dealt with in terms of what sanctions the bully is specifically being given may be standard in school now - my older dd experienced a nasty incident at her state school last year and the school were not able to inform us of what was being done specifically in regards to the other child. (I'm not 100% sure if this was because they were raising a safeguarding concern about the other child however because of the nature of the incident). In our case I have trust in the school built up over a few years and felt that they were as open and honest with us as they could be and we haven't had any further problems but it was of course much easier with dd at home for me to be assured of her welfare. I really feel for you because it's very difficult with any new school to have this trust of course. You may have to focus your approach on how your own child's welfare is being handled and what measures the school are taking generally rather than specifically what they have done to deal with this particular bully...
  2. Hello all, I think my DD would benefit from some classes like PBT but her dance school doesn't offer anything like this. I know you can sign up for the online PBT but I think my daughter needs a teacher to actually make sure she is doing things correctly. Does anyone know of any Zoom classes in PBT or similar that they would recommend?
  3. Thank you all for your responses, all really helpful suggestions and info
  4. Thank you for the reply, that's interesting to hear.
  5. Hello all, newbie here! My 11 year old has moved dance schools and we've suddenly become aware of the world of associates, vocational schools etc...She loves to dance and has said for a while that's what she'd like to do but with no dance background I had no idea until now of this whole world of extras (her previous dance school didn't seem to have any interest other than exams). Reading all the posts here it feels a little bit like we're already too late by not having been involved in anything other than regular lessons. Having totally missed the boat for lower school, my question is about whether it's possible/likely to get a place at dance school at 16+ just from regular lessons or what I should be looking for her to do to improve her prospects should that dance dream remain with her? It doesn't seem like there's a huge range of options locally (south Wales) aside from regular classes but would be prepared to travel potentially once a month if there were any recommendations of things she could do. I'll speak to her new teacher once she's been able to see her in person instead of just online (!) but wanted to get some ideas as it feels like I need to look into this more for her before more time ebbs away! Thanks for any help/guidance from anyone.
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