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  1. My son also joining year 4 London. It is a boys class
  2. From past experience with our DD never give up and keep trying
  3. Yes for DS (London) in shock as only done ballet for 8 months!
  4. https://www.centralschoolofballet.co.uk/ great ballet school in London
  5. Thanks it is. We can concentrate on central now
  6. Yes my DD still waiting on MA after getting through to finals at WL. Don't think they are in much rush.
  7. Yes we did. Been few rumours going around. It could be just chat between different teachers who know each other. Time will tell!
  8. Yes also heard there will be a final audition in person if you have been invited. This will be in addition to the video and photos already submitted
  9. Correct. CBA is good and my DD is enjoying it although mostly on zoom this year.
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