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  1. Just been reading through all these comments as trying to deal with my dd’s rejection email from White Lodge (year 9 entry) positively!! She received direct entry to the final audition and also for the summer school this year based on doing the zoom online summer intensive last summer (2020). We were both really shocked and happy about all this as never before had thought about her auditioning or considering vocational school so early. She went to the final audition and got a no - In her email that we received, it says they recognise that children grow at different paces etc etc, and they re
  2. How did your daughter get on with the audition ? Have you heard? Hope she’s enjoying the spring intensive too x
  3. No we didn’t - probably should have but we didn’t think of it...she got direct entry to summer school this year and also to finals (through doing the online summer intensive in 2020) so didnt really think of that as an option
  4. We just got an email regarding year 9 entry - unfortunately my dd didnt get a place 🙁 Keep telling myself there’s lot to look forward to with her dance school show and festivals coming up. She also got direct entry to summer school at White Lodge....hopefully meant to be good luck to everyone still waiting
  5. Is that year 8 girls now/ year 9 entry (or for year 8 entry?)
  6. Thank you balletmum55 - so difficult to second guess as you say. My daughter has never been a JA or gone to summer intensive, so all new to us
  7. How is your daughter now with her hip? Is it fixable or just something she can dance with and not cause problems? I was also wondering about height? Is height a major factor? My daughter turned up last week to be the tallest of her year 9 girls at audition and i now think she might just get a no cause of that?!
  8. That’s interesting - all white lodge staff on leave until next Wednesday? We are still waiting to hear about audition results for full time training (years 8, 9, 10)....
  9. This waiting game is a nightmare!! I’m thinking if we dont hear today, it will be after Easter now as they won’t be working over the weekend (or do they??)
  10. Also in our audition letter, it said we would find out within two weeks - although my daughter did say they told her it would be end of April?
  11. My daughter said there were 3 for year 8 entry and 3 for year 9 entry- all girls (she went in at 1.30pm today). Not sure how many others there were in the morning. yes we have to give our current school a term’s notice so need to know before end of April!!
  12. All done today! Now the waiting starts for years 8-10 - good luck everyone!!! Think it might just be us two on here!!!
  13. Good luck for tomorrow - hope you’re feeling more relaxed than i am right now!!! What time is she arriving? We are 1.30-2pm
  14. My daughter is auditioning tomorrow for year 9 (with years 8,9 and 10 boys and girls)
  15. Good luck to everyone waiting for audition results - hopefully they’ll come out shortly
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