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  1. Just a thought but could they be working through age ranges? For those of you whose children did get in, would you mind sharing their ages?
  2. Congratulations to those who have been accepted. We haven’t heard either so I’m guessing it’s not good news for us. I am absolutely dreading telling my 7 year old, she will be heartbroken, but I guess it’s the start of things to come.
  3. Oh that's really good to know, thank you!
  4. If it’s a no this time, when can they expect to audition again, do they have to wait a year or are they permitted to try again in the next auditions?
  5. Eeek so exciting! I cant see any views o n my little girls video. I sent it via vimeo and was getting worries so sent it to my husband and it still doesn't show any views so I'm just going to have to sit and wait patiently! Although part of me still wants to email in and double check!
  6. My little girls hasn’t been viewed yet, it was sent via Vimeo and I keep looking but no views as of yet 😬😬😬
  7. Yes I received an automatic reply too!
  8. Ah yes I totally understand Rowan. No she has had extra classes to help her with her audition and then practises from that. 🙂
  9. Thank you BellaF, that’s good to know! She’s rather wobbly on her releves in pirouettes so praying they can look past that and see potential 🙏🏻
  10. She’s not doing anything dangerous, just for example in Grade 2 RAD they only go up to 3rd position where as for the audition they are being asked for plies in all positions. Or for releves, they are being asked to do this in pirouette position. She has done releves before but not in pirouette position... same as rond de jambe, that is something she hasn’t covered in her ballet class... however we have seeked help and advice from another ballet teacher so she knows what to do and can practice safely.
  11. Oh gosh reading all these posts makes me feel even more nervous for my little girl. We haven’t submitted ours yet, we are using as much time as possible to practice. She’s 7 and her usual ballet class hasn’t covered a fair bit so she has had to do quite a bit of practising. She wants it so much bless her, I’ve never seen her practice so much! Good luck to all of your little ones!
  12. Hi Jan, thank you!
  13. Hi everyone! Another newbie here! My daughter is also doing the virtual auditions for CBA and like Londonballetmum, I thought the guidelines were rather complicated for my 7 year old too and fear that even the new amended guidelines may still bit a bit too tricky for her. I have no ballet knowledge other that what I have learnt through my little girl so I do not know what is and isn’t normal for this age! Londonballetmum, how do you find the new amended list?
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