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  1. Just dancing- Love it 🤣 at least it’s out the way for them all now and they can enjoy just dancing on the day now! I panicked when I read next week then! Then remembered the boys are the week before. Good luck to you all for next week!
  2. Yes we went for school uniform. Thanks tests have been ordered! 😀
  3. Ours was with the academic head it lasted about 7 minutes. I was so nervous about a technical hitch this morning glad it’s over and done. Good Luck everyone that still has got them coming up.
  4. thanks, there was mention somewhere that lateral flow tests from schools couldn’t be entered into the app only onto the gov website so I rang 119 to see which lateral flow tests you could enter into the app and they had no idea! Someone had said the school had said the government website one was ok also though but if I can I want to try get one on the app too
  5. Just out of interest does anyone know which types of tests can be entered into the nhs track and trace app that they mentioned on the email? I rang 119 and they didn’t have a clue.
  6. I think it’s to stagger the pick up times so all the parents aren’t gathering at collection?
  7. Thanks 😀 I rang 119 to find out which tests can be put into the app but she wasn’t much help, she didn’t have a clue 🤣
  8. same! But a slightly different departure time. Probably staggering parents picking up. We are also about a 5 hour drive
  9. thats great news 😀 it has been a rollercoaster week
  10. Thank you for this info! Are the ones from healthcare workers the ones you can put into the app? That’s the one we have kindly given by a friend who works at a doctors
  11. its a great forum isn’t it, so good for information and it’s good to realise that everyone else is going through similar concerns! No problem hope yours comes through soon
  12. It basically confirms a negative test is needed lateral flow within 48 hours PCR within 72 hours, home tests are ok aslong as they are ones from school or that have a barcode that can be registered on the nhs test and trace app which is great news as it’s given us all lots more options to get this sorted now 😀 it also said dates to follow shortly
  13. yes that’s true 😀 on another note - Just received a Covid test update email! 😀
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