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  1. hopefully it is a positive for you, but as you say best not to read into it, I’ve learnt not to get hopes up, my DD was at the final and the no was disappointing so trying not to get hopes up with this. There’s a lot that got places at WL from the south so I’m expecting more movement down south and not our way really. So keeping hopes low!
  2. Just checked ours but it’s on google drive don’t think I can check the views on it
  3. That sounds promising if they have watched it again, I haven’t checked ours for views incase I messed up the settings, although if they are watching it again as late as last week doesn’t sound like results will be this week.
  4. Surely we must be getting closer to finding out MA results now feels like it’s been forever 🤣
  5. did these just go out today? I know year 8 heard yesterday. Am I right in thinking we could hear about mid associates by Friday then?
  6. Well done to her for getting so far, and for getting onto the summer school
  7. Just a question whilst we await MA results, do children attending elmhurst, tring or other vocational schools still attend associate classes/ are they allowed to? Just wondering how much movement to expect and if DD is lucky enough to make the waitlist how likely she could be to get a place.
  8. yes I feel you, I had no idea this was the norm either. Congratulations to your DS I hope he gets a place 🍀
  9. No intention to insult, in fact I think it’s been commented how immensely talented these children appear to be this year, that there doesn’t appear to be any rough diamonds in the mix. it is a discussion forum after all, I have mentioned several times how it was an observation that could be a complete coincidence. But with prestige schools it is well known that sometimes being more privileged can stand you in better stead and it again is just an observation that many have had access to multiple coaches that a lot would not have the means to access
  10. completely agree. I don’t think it’s absurd at all to make an observation on a specific year especially when this year has been such a changing year on how things are done. It is a discussion forum after all
  11. Absolutely. This years intake for WL specifically. It’s there on social media for all to see. I cannot and was not commenting on previous years. Absolutely these children this year have been trained in unprecedented levels. For children who’s family cannot afford this level of training or don’t have access to it I think they’ve been disadvantaged this year.
  12. As mentioned several times on the thread it is in relation to this years intake only.
  13. That’s really good. Well done to your DD you are the first and only girl I’ve heard of getting a place from the north.
  14. I think looking now from my experience as a newbie, with my dd gaining a place at the final this year but being very inexperienced in terms of no associates training, zoom coaching etc and me not really knowing that this coaching world even all existed I think it’s safe to say I was quite naive, and I wish I had known this before the audition to be better prepared for knowing what they wanted. I think it’s really helpful for others to know this going ahead. I’ve had another look on Instagram right now and there’s children on there that have gained places that are being coached by several expert coaches. I think in my head I had the Billy Elliot scenario of them finding a raw imperfect talent that took their eye. I really don’t think this is the case. These dancers look fabulous polished dancers. Maybe this year they did not want to take the risk or chance and played it abit safer knowing we could be back in lockdown. That being said my opinion of the experience being one to remember and a special one does not change.
  15. absolutely if someone said to try all over again we would do it in a heartbeat it’s been a fantastic experience for her
  16. Absolutely - 100 percent agree. Unfortunately for children that don’t have the means/access to this I think they have unfortunately been at a disadvantage this year. I felt in my head that the royal ballet might have been looking for a rough diamond/ diamond in the rough so to speak. And unfortunately I don’t think this theory was correct, at least not for this year.
  17. i get you completely and I couldn’t agree more. I think your post was a very good observation and one I had made myself. I have theories as to why I believe a certain area of the country have had access to more training than others but I will keep them to myself as already I feel the point I was making is being misinterpreted. It is a fact that from dance school posts on Instagram/ Facebook with a simple search of royal ballet school you can see quite clearly there is 9 of one gender group from the south. So discussing what has happened in other years is irrelevant. Times are changing over the last year and certain people can access more training more easily via zoom and extra classes and certain people can’t. I think you made a great point.
  18. Again I think the point being missed is that OP was in relation to this year and whether things had started to change. It’s what my reply was in relation to also. This years intake only. And again apologies if this was not clear. But it’s what I thought the topic was regarding
  19. i can’t edit it because I’ve already edited the spelling and can’t edit again. But it was in relation to this years intake only, apologies if that was not clear and I caused confusion but as I say that’s what the original post topic was in relation too. I have seen about 9 posts on social media all of same gender group that are all from the south so I think it was a fair observation and it was interesting how someone else had picked up on that too. Apparently there was 12 places this year so it’s a fair statement to say the majority are from the south
  20. the reply was in reference to this years intake only. That is what the original post topic was in relation to but I will edit it to clarify that.
  21. Ok, that makes sense, it does seem to be the case for the girls also though. Probably just coincidence this year
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