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  1. @KitKat23I am trying to make the same decision. My daughter will be in Level 1 so I am worried that she might be overwhelmed by being in repertoire with the older kids. What level will your daughter be in? I really cannot decide what to do.
  2. Thank you for the helpful insight!
  3. So tricky! I could not agree with you more!
  4. We got a 'no' today but they said that DD was very talented and to bring her back to the next audition, for the September start date, because they will have more places then (vs starting April) and she should be in a good position to get a place then. I am not sure we will go for it, to be honest. We might wait a year until she is 8 years old and can audition for the London associates programmes (infinitely easier logistics!). Someone earlier posted about London Junior & Seniors Ballet. They have live auditions in May and September (for September start) and they take 7 year olds as well. If anyone can advise me what the difference between auditioning in May vs September is, I would welcome their thoughts. I do not want to take over the Tring thread with an unrelated question. Congratulations to all who got a place and good luck to those still waiting! It's been fun being on this thread ... and I am glad I started it
  5. We got 2 very short views, which I think were the 'checking if this works' views. And then 2 views for half the video length. My DD is only 7 so they stopped after the ronde de jambe, I guess when the content was moving into complex territory for her age. That said, I am not sure how youtube counts the time watched if people skip forward in a video. But that's irrelevant because I hope she doesn't have to do a video audition for a looooong time so I'd rather put that firmly in the past!
  6. I guess no news is a no. We haven't had an email so I think that's the likely result. Don't they know people hang out on these forums and they should send out all the emails at once? 🤣 (joking obviously)
  7. On a computer, go to your "channel content" where your list of videos shows up (only one vide for me). Hover the mouse over the name of the video and a couple of icons will show up. The second one is video analytics. Click on it. You will see a squiggly graph of the views. Click on more (under the graph). At the top of the new graph there is a button called "traffic source". Click it and it will give you breakdown of views and average view duration.
  8. Our video has been watched twice as well on the 31st of March. I don't feel very optimistic because it's hardly been watched at all. My daughter is only 7 and hasn't auditioned before so I knew this would be a long shot. I am more upset at the personal effort that it required of me to put the video together for only 10% of it to be viewed.
  9. I haven't uploaded it yet. I still need to retake the photos. I was going to send it via Vimeo because I've used that before. Do you think most people do YouTube? I haven't uploaded it yet. Still need to take the photos. I was going to upload it via Vimeo. I've never used YouTube. Is YouTube recommended / preferable?
  10. I've looked at everything again and I am just going to redo the photos. With the video, due to the movement, I think everything looks fine (especially when I watched on a computer and not on my phone) but with the photos, they could be better. I didn't even think I had a black background in my house but as my daughter was dancing in front of the fireplace in our living room, it turns out that due to her height, her torso was positioned straight in front of the fireplace, and the inside of it is painted in a dark colour so with hindsight any colour but a black leotard would have been better. Oh well ...
  11. Hi everyone. Having just looked again at my daughter's video, I think there is not enough contrast between the background and her leotard, which was listed as a requirement in their guidelines. Annoyingly I didn't notice this as I was filming (or ever before). I would say you can certainly distinguish between the background and her leotard but a stronger contrast would have been easier on the eye. Should I redo the video? She is only 7 hrs old and it's no small task for someone like me (who didn't do ballet) to undertake this task. I am extremely happy with the video otherwise.
  12. @PurplePirouetteI think the registration deadline has passed. The deadline to submit the video audition in on the 31st of March.
  13. @MamaFrostyjust wondering what you mean by "not at all flexible." I've read some very helpful posts on this forum that indicate that flexibility is something you work at for a long time but not a 'target' in and of itself. My daughter does the Vaganova method and I would say they are obsessed with flexibility! Like to the point of wanting contortionists. More recently she started a RAD class as well where they don't event do the splits. By the standard at her Vaganova school, my daughter is in the lower half of her class flexibility wise.
  14. My daughter is going to do everything from the list and just give it her best shot. I think they'll be able to tell which content she is secure in and which content she is new at. And if she is not ready for the programme that is fine. She has never auditioned for anything before, as she is 7 yrs old, and given this is on video, there are no nerves that go with it, so there is no downside. @MamaFrostywhat other associates programmes are you applying for? This is all so new to me! I think most programmes start from the age of 8 so I'm just watching what other people's experiences are like with great interest. Good luck to your daughter!
  15. From memory, I think they only removed the adage from the original list they had sent.
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