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  1. @MamaFrostyjust wondering what you mean by "not at all flexible." I've read some very helpful posts on this forum that indicate that flexibility is something you work at for a long time but not a 'target' in and of itself. My daughter does the Vaganova method and I would say they are obsessed with flexibility! Like to the point of wanting contortionists. More recently she started a RAD class as well where they don't event do the splits. By the standard at her Vaganova school, my daughter is in the lower half of her class flexibility wise.
  2. My daughter is going to do everything from the list and just give it her best shot. I think they'll be able to tell which content she is secure in and which content she is new at. And if she is not ready for the programme that is fine. She has never auditioned for anything before, as she is 7 yrs old, and given this is on video, there are no nerves that go with it, so there is no downside. @MamaFrostywhat other associates programmes are you applying for? This is all so new to me! I think most programmes start from the age of 8 so I'm just watching what other people's experiences are like with
  3. From memory, I think they only removed the adage from the original list they had sent.
  4. Hi @Tiny13Just saw your post now. My daughter's ballet teacher said that the guidelines are still too complicated. Not sure what we will do. Maybe someone here has some advice?
  5. They have now sent an attachment with the correct guidelines for the age 7-8 yrs group, in case anyone else is wondering.
  6. Hello everyone! I am new on this forum but have found some threads very helpful so decided to put this question to all the knowledgeable people here. I have just received the Tring online audition guidelines for March 2021. My daughter is only 7 years old and starting to work on RAD Grade 2. I forwarded the audition requirements (for the video) to her teacher who said that some exercises are more like Grade 4 syllabus. Does anyone know if the video requirements are different for different age groups or are they the same for everyone? I am trying to establish if a 7 year old is expected
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