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  1. It's my sons 10th birthday the day he goes on week 3 he is ecstatic about spending his birthday night there!
  2. Has anyone recieved more details such as a timetable or when to drop them off etc yet?
  3. I'm starting to think ours is a straight no, our videos only look like they have been viewed for about 20 seconds each . 🤔
  4. My y5 DS is doing week 3 he is not a JA but does CBA
  5. So glad you posted this as it had crossed my mind.
  6. That is a relief, I shall breathe again when I receive confirmation of my acceptance. !
  7. I have received an email also, I have accepted the place so hope to get a confirmation . It didn't look like a automated type email so fingers crossed all is as it is. Well done to all those yes's after waitlisting.
  8. 2 or 3 short views . It says average view was 2 min something. DS is 9
  9. congratulations! x DS will be Group 4 Emerald
  10. Congratulations!! is she excited ? my DS is over the moon.
  11. its a yes for my DS we are beyond excited!!! he has been dancing less than a year, mostly all of which has been on zoom, but has worked really hard!! Good luck to everyone else!!
  12. glad you DD is enjoying it despite being on Zoom, I don't think DS will get into anything this year but thats ok its what we are expecting still fun trying out .
  13. Just copied this from the CBA email I got for those who have auditioned both: 'Successful candidates will be considered for intake to the Summer term, commencing 25thApril 2021. ' Hope this helps. Goodness knows when the RBS ones will be...
  14. Good luck to all that have auditioned for RBS JA and CBA, this is our first year trying auditions, I saw on a letter that CBA wanted to let people know by the 15th April because they may ask some to start in the summer term with starts the 25th April ?? did anyone else see that? I might look back at the emails to double check.
  15. We applied with the blessing of our dance teachers.
  16. Does anyone know if the London RBS classes have been moved permanently on Sundays or is it a temporary measure for COVID
  17. I run my DS social media account it is set to private , there are positive and negatives, but it also down to the person how they deal with social media. We do not use it to compare DS to other children he is what he is and can do what he can do end of. I post a journey of his adventures initially it was a sport he was doing an now dance. through this account, he has had the most amazing opportunities, made amazing friends and he wouldn't be on the once a month associate programme he is now which helped him immensely after his confidence being so low from a sport, that made him not want to live anymore - aged 8 at the time!! I know some parent judge us for posting, and that's fine , because I could not give two hoots. We are realistic on our account it is a mix of cool edited photos fun videos and general everyday type ones, all to document a journey nothing too serious. He does not see messages unless I show him, he does not deal with friend requests and he comments on things that are appropriate under my watchful eye. He promotes encouragement and positivity to others and is not harming anyone in any way. If you choose to look at other accounts and judge your own child or compare them to others then that is a question for yourself, if you use social media as a source of information for events, celebrating other achievements and celebrating your own child and not to take anything to seriously there would be a lot of happier people. I think people get to caught up in it and read into things way too much.
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