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  1. It's my sons 10th birthday the day he goes on week 3 he is ecstatic about spending his birthday night there!
  2. Has anyone recieved more details such as a timetable or when to drop them off etc yet?
  3. I'm starting to think ours is a straight no, our videos only look like they have been viewed for about 20 seconds each . 🤔
  4. My y5 DS is doing week 3 he is not a JA but does CBA
  5. So glad you posted this as it had crossed my mind.
  6. That is a relief, I shall breathe again when I receive confirmation of my acceptance. !
  7. I have received an email also, I have accepted the place so hope to get a confirmation . It didn't look like a automated type email so fingers crossed all is as it is. Well done to all those yes's after waitlisting.
  8. 2 or 3 short views . It says average view was 2 min something. DS is 9
  9. congratulations! x DS will be Group 4 Emerald
  10. Congratulations!! is she excited ? my DS is over the moon.
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