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  1. We got a no too☹️For Leeds yr4 we will give it another go next year, it’s all great experience for them anyway.
  2. Can I just ask a question..if my daughter is lucky enough to get in to year 4 JA in Leeds does anyone know if they are weekly or fortnightly classes as we will be travelling a distance so just wondered how often we would be going?
  3. Was that for JA that your video was viewed?
  4. have you clicked in the yellow box where is says apply now?
  5. https://royalballetschool.org.uk/train/apply/ hope this helps
  6. I thought the same, I just didn’t send head shot
  7. Thanks we have put the application in anyway and will see what happens. I didn’t realise it was in school time. We will cross that bridge anyway if she is lucky enough to come to that.
  8. I didn’t realise that, can you just do the Sunday’s and not the Fridays?
  9. Is it in the evenings then on a friday? or do they miss school? We live about an hour from Manchester so just wondering how we are going to do this logistically? Thanks
  10. I’m new to all this too and asked the same question about the 20 minutes video. I got a response saying that’s for the other auditions not the junior associates. Hope that helps. I also have a question for anyone who has does this in Manchester before. If my daughter was lucky enough to get in, what time were the sessions and is it once a week you attend?
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