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  1. Glad it’s not just me who still hasn’t received an email 🥴🥴 feeling incredibly disorganised right about now ...
  2. Hopefully the finalised email comes through this morning & we are able to organise ❤️ Xxx
  3. Sorry I’m just seeing snippets on here - are the children wearing the masks in the Studios to audition too? xx
  4. We haven’t received an email update 🥴 has everyone else?
  5. Surely this can’t be sprung on us at this point, it’s only several days away & nothing has been mentioned 🥴
  6. It’s a tricky one, we do have some finals scheduled, in person, across the next couple of weeks - so they are permitted.
  7. I have noticed that the first round of Finals is scheduled 13th March, followed by 21st March (two further dates thereafter) ... are these correct? as it does say submissions are open until 12th March too - Friday.
  8. I’m presuming no one has heard anything relating to 17th March as yet??
  9. We got our results this week 🙌❤️ however, further details with regards to 17th March, we were advised, were still being discussed by the Team.
  10. Thank you - always good to have a rough idea, when working out whether or not it could potentially be an option to consider 😊
  11. Is everyone still waiting 🥺
  12. Seems to be the last one everyone is waiting for ??
  13. Something we were considering. Does anyone know what a CAT week can look likely - roughly?
  14. Are people still hanging on for Hammond results?
  15. Everything seems to be sent at very different times at the moment ... hopefully soon ❤️
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