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  1. Hi Everyone, We are a new and starting in London. We are very excited and still on such a high. I have read through this thread over the last few days. Very helpful information x
  2. Does anyone know when London Year 4 will be? 32 sessions classes xx
  3. We got a yes for london year 4!!! In shock 🥰 Congratulations to all those SWL
  4. Maybe not 🤷‍♀️ Either way she hasn’t been viewed though so the wait goes on 😞
  5. So I thought all our friends had been viewed but turns out one hasn’t. She’s an August birthday going for year 4 so in regards to age and year group she is one of the very last ones. My only theory that they watch in centre/age order. My daughter is also quite young in the year group and going for year 4 and we seemed to be one of the last on here. Really hope we might hear by next week if she gets viewed today 🤞
  6. It’s a nice thought that there might possibly be more opportunities. It would be so nice. Last year did they let children know about JEP at the same time as giving out JA places and no emails or did JEP come later?
  7. The rest of the children from our dance school have been viewed today
  8. We have friends still waiting, I will keep you posted x
  9. Finally had views on our videos 😬💕😬💕
  10. So our videos haven’t been viewed at all yet. Is anyone else still waiting for a view? do you think they will carry on viewing through Half term or do you think we will have to wait for it to resume after half term?
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