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  1. Thank you for this info, as i have been trying to do up a similar summary myself for my DD who is planning applying for entry to upper schools for Sept 22. She has just come back from a week a senior summer school at Elmhurst and absolutely loved the experience. As she is only 15 now and will be 16 on entry in 2022, we are only looking at schools that offer A Level or continued own country equivalent (we are not UK based) support and boarding and if she doesn't get offered a place for 2022 she will continue to complete her education at home and apply for full time training (without A level or similar) for entry September 2023 when at that time she will have completed her formal education. Really feel it is so important that they finish their formal education if it is possible to do so.
  2. Hi, when i paid i received an email from platform@parentpay.com confirming receipt of payment and it does mention Elmhurst Ballet School with contact details for reference if there are any queries.
  3. My DD's friend received a mail saying she is on a waiting list!
  4. Hi, I wonder does anyone know how many students are in the senior summer school and if they are all boarding for the week or is there also day students attending this year?
  5. Thanks so much for your reply, sounds wonderful.
  6. My DD has been accepted too for the Senior Summer School, first time applying so newbie to all this, would love to hear any feedback, experiences, thanks.
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