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  1. I’ve been researching different summer intensives and my dream ones for this year include Houston, PNB, Kirov, and San Francisco I am wondering if anyone who has been there before , or knows someone who has , knows how many people on average attend these intensives. Are they large? Or are they medium sized ?
  2. I don’t think the gif is working sorry everyone
  3. Hello. I have like 3 questios for anyone who can answer it. 1. How do I turn out my leg when pirouetting more. I often find that my leg turns in. 2. how do I keep my arms strong and up. They also can something find there way coming down to my hips sometimes. 3. How do I make sure that I am rising up on the the pirouette on pointe correctly. I used to accidentally step on pointe to turn and I know that you need to more eleve into it. ( I’m not sure if I’m describing it correctly so I included a gif to show how I know you are supposed to get into it) Thank you!
  4. I got my first pair of pointe shoes in December of 2019 but I only had 5 dance classes before quarantine and then switched to a more professional studio in September. Since then I have performed snow and flowers on pointe and mostly caught up to the girls my age (I'm 17) I have been doing a lot of pointe but I’m obviously technically behind. I went to a pointe shoe fitting for a new type of shoe this weekend with my teacher. She liked the Bloch elegance (which are split sole) the best. I know split soles are for more advanced dancers but she really liked them and knew they were split sole I am finding those harder to keep stability with. Specifically with turning. I can usually do a double on both sides but it is harder now. I can't even do a single because when I go up I find my shoe just falling off pointe back onto flat. Any advice on how to gain more stability / strength when turning with these shoes or using them in general. Thank!
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