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  1. We received the acceptance email today for course 1!
  2. Thank you for the replies. I received a confirmation email from the course email address that they received audition photos. But I never received an email that they received the online application form which I filled out via their website portal. I should have emailed them earlier to see it if went through right after I filled it out. My bad. I did send an email yesterday to ask if his online application form went through but haven’t heard back yet.
  3. Is there a thread for ENBS 2021? We applied last week and waiting to hear results. I guess they will let us know on Monday. Anyone else waiting?
  4. I haven’t received an invoice for payment yet. Has anyone else yet?
  5. Has anyone who has applied for financial assistance heard back yet?
  6. The email we received which offered a spot said the deadline is March 24.
  7. A yes for my DS who will be 16 this summer. We aren’t going to broadcast in real life right away. Some of his bffs have applied and might be still waiting or declined or waitlisted. I don’t want to feel like gloating so we are going to keep under wraps for a while. But how does handle good news with others in real life? We tend to keep quiet about the acceptances because I learned when DS was 13 that it can cause resentment among his peers and also among in parents in our ballet parent circles.
  8. Forgot to mention my student will be 16 in July. But still a growth spurt is occurring. They asked on the online application of student is interested in being evaluated for year round admission. We were given two options to check for either 2021 or 2022.
  9. Thank you for the great advice, especially when a 15 yo is suddenly experiencing another growth spurt.
  10. Applying at the last minute before deadline. What’s holding us off is choosing the number of weeks at CG. And To be considered for year round training would be best to try to go for the five weeks rather than the two or three weeks at CG? DK is already committed to their year round program 4 weeks in the states till mid July and for practical sake of traveling and quarantine I am leaning to two weeks. But DK, 15, thinks 5 weeks would be better to be considered for year round training.
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