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  1. As a parent who has chosen the non-vocational route I’d say: a) as has been said, academic schools are no picnic either, although similarly for some they can be. b) it really isn’t easy trying to keep dance going outside vocational school without sacrificing so much of childhood and family life. We made the decision family life came first, really don’t regret it, and our selective approach still gave space for lovely performance opportunities (NOT festivals), but the ingenuity needed is constant and tiring! And wouldn’t have been possible without the support of an exceptional and ima
  2. Kate I couldn’t agree more about taking time: both that it is necessary and that it is very possible. (We are colleagues in the broader sense and maybe in the same institution I think from one of your earlier posts though in very different disciplines). I’ve seen this up close with my son who stepped out of university after his first year, took a year out, and went back a transformed character: so focused, so happy. Same course but a totally different student. Do agree about the rush to achieve the (perceived and artificial) success of grade grubbing, instead of understanding and maturing
  3. I can give some first-hand information, as my daughter is currently there. I'm happy to DM if you have specific questions, but I found it frustrating not to have some more public information before she left, so here goes. This year, it has been a fantastic decision, as she has done so much dancing, and Belgium has had a lighter lockdown than many places so they are yet to miss a day's class. The staff are very committed to the students and have a fine eye for detail, and work them very hard. Compliments are hard to come by, but there is a constant stream of energetic corrections. The emph
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