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  1. @MJW@capybara@bridiem@AnneMarriott@ninamargaretMany thanks for your insights and advice!! Very informative and helpful, thank you!! I have decided to go for A7 in Orchestra Stalls (first row) for Romeo and Juliet, and first row Balcony for Giselle! In hindsight I am slightly worried about not being able to see feet/the full picture for R&J, but am keeping my hopes up as it is Kenneth MacMillan and one of the most dramatic ballets.
  2. Not sure what this topic would come under, so admins please feel free to move where necessary! Would anyone happen to know if visiting the Stage Door after performances would be allowed this season? (I'd have my mask on and would definitely try to social distance and sanitise hands, etc) I usually did so, before Covid hit of course, the last time I went was to see Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball in Sleeping Beauty in Nov 2019 (feels like ages ago!) Perhaps it may be best to email ROH?
  3. Thanks for the info and have to say I am really surprised and immensely grateful as I fit into the scheme. What an overwhelming week this has been with me rebooking/changing tickets around 3 times now, mainly due to my confusion with the booking packages (Design your Own Amphitheatre vs Total Ballet anyone?) Once I found out about this bombshell announcement out of the blue today, I knew I had to change my tickets once again! However with the interactive seating plan not working, I would like to once again ask the wise members of this Forum for quite a last-minute question: If given the option, would it be best to book seats in Orchestra Stalls or the Balcony (or both)? Specifically, I am thinking of booking 2 out of the following (1 each) for Romeo & Juliet and Giselle: 1st row/2nd row Orchestra Stalls Row E to S middle block (most expensive tier) Orchestra Stalls 1st row/2nd row Balcony -- am a bit worried about this as I recall there are guard rails which seem to be quite obstructive, and I can't figure where they are... Bearing in mind am quite short in stature, only 5'1 inch in height... Will try to finalize tickets by tomorrow morning before they get sold out! Also, when was the last time this Young ROH Scheme was live? (As I can't remember a similar initiative in recent years, but what an amazing scheme to restart!)
  4. Apologies for the very late reply but thank you so much @Sim @oncnp @Lizbie1 greatly appreciated for your advice and input!! I am pleased to say I am now a Young Friends member, and am definitely enjoying the benefits already re: booking great tickets. Such a change from 'the general public' haha! I definitely agree with Lizbie1 in that the opportunity of attending a rehearsal would be absolutely amazing, however unfortunately I don't think I can make any of the dates for this season Will be keeping an eye for later productions e.g Swan Lake though!
  5. Hi everyone, not sure this is the right place to post this, but would appreciate any advice. I've never been a member of Royal Ballet but am seriously considering becoming one in light of the ticket situation and since I do want to support RB in these difficult times. However this is quite a big decision for me due to my limited financial resources (I've only just graduated uni!) Generally speaking, would you say that since the pandemic, reasonably priced/affordable tickets (e.g. upper/lower slips Amphi) are much more harder to book now (due to limited availability)? Therefore by being a 'Young Friend' would that definitely increase chances of booking better seats? Or would there not be much difference? This is also because there are specific casts I would like to see, which of course would narrow dates and therefore limit availability... Would really appreciate your advice/thoughts on this!
  6. @Jan McNulty @Two Pigeons @SheilaC @alison Many many thanks for your kind suggestions!! I forgot to mention that I don't think I can afford the highest/higher priced seats as I'm only just a graduate! But I will most likely book a seat from the rear stalls, as Sheila suggested
  7. Hi everyone. I'm very interested in seeing Romeo & Juliet at Birmingham, but would like to know about castings in advance. Has this information not been made public yet? Or is it released to 'Friends'? Also, as its my first time ever watching the BRB, would appreciate any advice about best/recommended seating at the Hippodrome.
  8. Teatro dell'Opera di Roma will broadcast 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' on Youtube on Sun 2 May at 7pm GMT. Its their 2014 recorded version starring Carlotta Onesti and Gioacchino Starace as Titania and Oberon respectively. Excited to see this, as I believe its a ballet not often performed in these parts (UK).
  9. Czech National Ballet will premiere Marcia Haydée's 'Sleeping Beauty' on Thursday 29th April until 5th May on Youtube. It seems this was filmed fairly recently during the pandemic. The trailer looks really promising and I for one am excited about the costumes! I also added this as an event on the calendar.
  10. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but the Czech National Ballet's Nutcracker (2017) is available for free at Ovation TV, found it under one of the media links Jan posted. https://www.ovationtv.com/watch/battle-of-the-nutcrackers/czech-national-ballet-the-nutcracker-2017/ Ballet Zurich's 2018 Nutcracker seems only available in the US, and the Mariinsky's 2012 Nutcracker is also available, but this is already on YT. Czech National Ballet is also streaming their 'Nutcracker-A Christmas Carol' free on YT from 21 Dec-27 Dec. https://www.narodni-divadlo.cz/en/news/the-nutcracker-a-christmas-carol-live-on-ct-art
  11. I found a few more US full-length Nutcracker ballets available for livestream (for a fee). -Atlanta Ballet $25 from now~Dec 27 https://www.atlantaballet.com/performances/nutcracker -Ballet Austin from $30 from Dec 12~20 https://balletaustin.org/performances/thenutcracker/ -Eugene Ballet $30 from Dec 23~ https://eugeneballet.org/nutcracker/ -Moscow Ballet $24.99 from Dec 19~29 https://www.nutcracker.com/ -Richmond Ballet $25 from Dec 11~31 https://www.richmondballet.com/season-tickets/nutcracker/ -Rochester City Ballet £9.81 from now~Dec 24 https://rochestercityballet.vhx.tv/products/the-nutcracker-2 -San Jose Dance Theatre monthly $11.99 subscription (but cancellable) includes 3 versions of their nutcracker (1995, 2019, 2020) https://www.sjdt.org/friends-of-the-ballet/
  12. Hello everyone, new member here. I'm really glad to have found this forum. This isn't a dvd/bluray as such but was excited to find this and wanted to share here. It seems that the Japanese Asami Maki Ballet is releasing Sleeping Beauty performed this October (!) for rental on Rakuten TV UK. https://rakuten.tv/uk/movies/the-sleeping-beauty-ballet
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