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  1. I know there is a yr 7 mums/dads but not aware of yr7 kids, I am sure my dd would love to chat to the other yr7 I know she is already talking to 2 of them
  2. OMG, how have you kept that a secret. We printed the letter out and recorded her opening it
  3. My DD is creating a list, fairy lights are at the top of it 😂
  4. Thank you so much for checking that’s great to know. DD did like the idea of simple uniform,
  5. My DD will be starting The Hammond in September yr7 and my DH likes to be super organised, does anyone know of a uniform list and where the uniform can be purchased?
  6. Hi there, my 10 year old daughter starts training in Leeds with Royal Ballet JA. I think I am more nervous than her. Nadine x
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