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  1. Think it seems difficult to tell much from the amount of views. My dd was grp2 & is on swl. Videos were partially watched once shortly after submitted, then 1st video was partially viewed again but not the others. Good luck & hope all waiting to hear hear v soon.
  2. Hi, deadline was a month ago for group 2. Good luck to all still waiting to hear.
  3. Yes Group 2 too, applied for Dundee. Fingers crossed we hear soon. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear.
  4. Wonder if Group 2s will hear this week?
  5. We’re group 2 and submitted videos nearly 2 weeks ago. I can see our videos were watched shortly after submission but not heard anything yet. I was also under the impression this year was going by 1st choice centre, but could have picked that up wrong! Hope everyone hears soon & don’t have too much longer to wait. 🤞
  6. If you are using youtube you can click on your image and select youtube studio and for further information click on analytics. You can then see each video and when it was viewed etc without adding to the view count.
  7. We submitted ours on YouTube but not had any more views. Wonder if they wait until all submitted & work their way through them at same time?
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