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  1. Could it also be that maybe.. just maybe.. the child hasn’t got “ it” and no matter how many dance schools you go through, change too or how much money you throw at the teachers.. the child is not made for a professional career in dance. It’s not always the fault of the teacher or school by the way... you we can’t transform every child into dancers sadly.
  2. Would be interested to know how many boys from year 11 are going into upper school and how many of those started in year 7.??
  3. Was this a boy or girl? Year 7 entry? Was it recent ?
  4. There has indeed been a girl offered a place at white lodge from the white lodge wait list! I think an international student has pulled out
  5. Apparently MA results are out? Saw a lady on another thread get hers just now xx Good luck to you all xx
  6. @Bookish there is a Costa a few minutes drive away on Pebble mill road... you can use toilets in there , I do this regularly 🤣
  7. Our JA teacher said it would be a long wait still when she was asked on Sunday. Well into the summer term
  8. According to our JA teacher ( from today) she said MA results will be a long wait still... well into the summer term
  9. I don’t know the answers to this unfortunately xxx
  10. Yes.. when I read it I thought .. I can’t see our gp wanting to fill this out in the middle of a pandemic for a child to go to ballet school!!! I’m sure we will have something similar for RBS though xx
  11. Is this for RBS too? I thought you’d accepted WL?
  12. Not just international students auditioning on 19th xx
  13. There are a couple of UK students who couldn’t make face to face audition so are doing it on zoom! They could well get MA places
  14. Yes I had heard from a reliable source that zoom auditions are being held for a few boys who couldn’t make the finals & internationals on the 19th April so still a long wait for MA places
  15. I’m not sure ALL are but the ones I have dealt with in sending back acceptance forms etc are on leave
  16. They are all on leave until 7th April so maybe after that? Though date of acceptance of a WL place was by Wednesday 8th April
  17. They aren’t allowed to attend associates if they go to Elmhurst full time. I think Tring allow their students to do MA’s though xx
  18. Thank you.. it really is and one we definitely didn’t expect 😆😆😆
  19. A yes for my ds too!!! Now the tough decision of Elmhurst or WL... and yes I do appreciate what a fantastic position he is in and no, I can’t quite believe it!!! congratulations to the yeses xx
  20. I think the Northern ballet do a scheme .... ?? 🤔🤔🤔
  21. I also know of a girl and a boy on the year 7 waiting list for September
  22. Could it just be possible that standards are indeed getting higher ... ? RBS specifically advertises themselves as a school of excellence and they have to keep that reputation. Not saying this is right or wrong but if “ the more polished child” is being accepted.. we need to ask ourselves why? A long time ago , if you were a boy with the right proportions and equipment then you were half way in the door.. not anymore I’m afraid!!! The standard of boys has increased dramatically in the last decade and keeps increasing so IMO .., no it’s not potential alone anymore .
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