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  1. Yes, she does a lot of classes! 4 other dance classes, next to her ballet class. on top of that she assist the ballet teacher on a Saturday with the little girls for 5 classes long. Of course, she would be willing to drop that or for example her tap lessons. My daughter does not have a lot of other things besides dancing. just an hour swimming and piano. It is indeed very hard to decide, as our daughters all love dancing so much and they would of course want to do more and more. But we have to sort of decide what is appropriate for their body at this age.
  2. Thank you Crazylifecrazykids! I love your forum name, as that could so suit my family life 😁 What a shame, that your daughter was not able to do Swan Lake, because of Covid. The BW JA is only once a month and the RBS JA for us is twice a month. I am pretty sure my daughter can handle it all. I just started doubting, as her local dance school teacher said that it was better to focus on one Associate Programme and that she was still growing, so too much strain on her body is not good.
  3. Oh wow! So you have already been doing this for years🤪 Thank you for the advice, Proudmumofdd. My daughter’s local dance school recommended that both would be too much for a 10 year old. But she soon turns 11 and all she does in the house is dance anyways. xx
  4. Yes, it is! Thank you again for your advice 😊
  5. Thank you for your quick answer, Ed_DanceMum! The homework exercises would not be a problem, as my daughter loves dancing and can’t sit still 😁 Travel and money wouldn’t be an issue either. The only thing is maybe missing a lesson, as I saw that 2 Sunday’s are on the same date. we know the time for RBS, but not yet the time for BA.
  6. Hi everybody 👋🏻 I am totally new to this! never posted anything on a forum, but I was just looking for some advice. I am also not very familiar to the ballet world, so I hope somebody can help me. my daughter got a place with the Ballet West JA and also in the RBS JA. She is 10 years old. Would you advice to take both or just go for one? It is only a small 1,5 hour drive. Thank you x
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