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  1. These are all historic and pre brexit however - only time will tell the impact of this on current and future British trainees but I feel it is sadly already too late for many who cannot wait for petitions or changes to the shortage list in such a time limited career. We know first hand from 2 concurrent years of auditions that ‘must hold an EU passport’ was a frequent requirement once the U.K. left the EU (in direct contrast to the year before when it was not mentioned)
  2. And yet the government invests thousands of pounds (means tested of course) into these young British students through the MDS and DaDA awards - it seems madness to me to not ensure they have entry level opportunities into British companies even if just for a ‘trainee’ year!
  3. The Sainsbury’s on the large retail park by the university definitely has toilets that are open now. The large Next (with the Costa inside) also has toilets but not sure if these are currently open.
  4. YBS is an outstanding summer school - fantastic faculty, serious training but huge amounts of fun too. The possibility of scholarships and generous bursaries also added to its appeal for us. My DC attended every summer since year 9 except one year when injured. They count their time at YBS as amongst the happiest and most positive experiences of their training years. The masterclasses in Prague are also exceptional but obviously for older students.
  5. Be aware that this process takes 12-18 months even if clearly eligible (with an Irish parent or grand parent) - longer in the current pandemic. We have already been asked about what passport DC holds by a company before they were even willing to view the submission.
  6. Spare a thought too for those who graduated last year who have had essentially 2 audition seasons decimated. Many of them have already had a year of ‘waiting’.
  7. Some resonant themes here ... https://news.sky.com/story/max-noble-former-football-starlet-on-how-game-exploits-boys-on-brink-of-premier-league-dream-12207548
  8. BRB bubble 2 will be available to view in January though!
  9. Hi what colour are the intermezzo warm up boots please?
  10. Watching the first programme of the new series, it has been announced that the winner will be commissioned to create a portrait of Carlos Acosta to be displayed in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
  11. Thank you Jan those make interesting reading.
  12. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this company? Happy to receive PMs. thank you
  13. From our experience of ‘live’ auditions, from associates to companies, quick decisions are made in those situations too as to who is of interest and who not and candidates can be ‘dismissed’ and given very little/no attention after just a few minutes. At least via zoom/video submission you are blissfully unaware! It’s not ideal I know but I’m sure they will see what they need to see in order to make their decision which is going to be very largely based on physical attributes and facility. (And that’s a whole new or rather age old debate...)
  14. BRB have announced on their Facebook page that a few more tickets have been released for the performances at the Rep. ‘We are delighted to announce that we are able to put a limited number of additional seats on sale for our upcoming performances of Lazuli Sky. Booking will be available online only at https://birmingham-rep.co.uk from 9am on Wednesday 2 September for performances at Birmingham Repertory Theatre on 22, 23 and 24 October.‘
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