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  1. When I was in contact with them they mentioned doing some auditions on September via zoom for DC who were unable to attend in the summer...
  2. Won't let me PM you 😞 can you message me the link please
  3. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight probably shouldn't have done it but was the only option available and she desperately wanted to try. She felt the audition went well all considering so at least it was a positive experience for her despite the not yet! 😍
  4. It was definitely an experience for all no matter the outcome 😂 especially us parents/carers! Trying to do a zoom audition in a caravan awning in the wilds of Devon on a mobile phone with no ballet leotard or shoes was an experience not to be repeated! 🤤
  5. Also a not yet for DD for Y5 Birmingham. Disappointed as she has loved attending some workshops there but she has been offered and accepted a place on Ballet Boost Junior Associates so is thrilled to be starting that. The fact her new kit for there had arrived today felt a bit like fate when the no arrived. Well done to all the yes DC, and keep trying to the Not yets. Xx
  6. Hello. Just a query is the Jacket you have for sale specifically for seniors only?
  7. Hello. Just wondering if anyone has any preloved Ballet Boost Associates uniform for sale? Looking for a jacket and a bag. Jacket Size 11-12 or 13. Many thanks.
  8. I had an email with zoom details for DDs audition on Saturday an hour ago. She is in Group 3 at 12pm
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