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  1. Good luck to all the Group 1’s. It’s so close. Exciting and nerve wracking. Have any Of the Group 2’s been watched yet? Ours hasn’t.
  2. Nice to hear I wasn’t the only one 😃
  3. You can see how many views your video’s have had when you open up YouTube and click on your account into the video tab. If you click on each video, your number count goes up. I have got all three at the same number of views by clicking into them myself so I know now, when that number changes, it will have been viewed by them as they are the only ones with access to it via link (as long as I dont click on the videos again). There is the YouTube analytics app which shows you also). There is also something about subscribers. I think that will change once viewed by someone other than myself? Altho
  4. Can you imagine the mammoth task they will have viewing all those videos and i imagine there will be a high number with potential. How do they even whittle it down? I would love watching all the videos as love ballet myself but after so many videos, it must get a little laborious!
  5. We are Group 2 and our deadline was on Monday so each day I am hoping to see our video has been viewed. Mostly so we know I have uploaded them correctly. It’s nice to know that in the next 27 days we will have a decision either way. We are Leeds Year 4 so it’s the first time our DD has auditioned for RBS JA. We had fun making the videos but we had quite a few technical glitches along the way and a rather embarrassing 20 seconds of a view of my nostrils whilst I logged back into my laptop and a few obscenity’s under my breath but hopefully they will look past my incompetence and see some potent
  6. If we can find out what happened with Year 6, I would imagine it would be the same? If they found out by centre at a time or all together right at the end
  7. We have received our email for Group 2 (Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Dundee). We are going to do it tomorrow. I really want to take a peek but unsure if allowed with them saying it mustn’t be rehearsed.
  8. We are not at this stage yet but they will have a list and I am sure would contact you if you hadn’t submitted your application by the deadline. You could always email and ask for receipt of email? Does it say what application must be used? Is it Dropbox? Vimeo? YouTube? Good luck and hope you hear soon
  9. I think this statement was made when they were still hoping for a class audition as they would have been unsure if they would be allowed that volume of children in one room so have said autumn for a Jan start. But Its not quite autumn yet so could start earlier? I am hoping that the timescales will be the same as the Year 6 as I believe (and correct me if I am wrong), that the places available at this point are open to both Year 4 and 5 children? So if there are 8 places, it can be either Year 4 or 5 as this age group are in a class together? Gosh I am babbling 😂 I may be wrong though........
  10. How exciting @Millicent. You must be a Group 1 but it’s great to know the emails have started going out. I feel much better knowing g it must be done in one go. I am going to check my device storage to make sure I have a decent amount before I start recording. That’s all I am worried about 😂Good luck x
  11. This is fantastic information. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to watch it through once before filming. So I guess we put a time aside, get her ‘ready’ in her leotard, hair done etc and then go for it. Thank you!
  12. Yes I knew I had seen it somewhere. Thank you
  13. Have I imagined it that the leotards must be plain with no lace or sleeves?
  14. It’s the not knowing that’s the hard part for us parents isn’t it. Not hearing anything for so long and then not knowing what to expect. I am disappointed my DD is not going to have the experience of doing a class. We didn’t book an insight day as my DD teacher only suggested about her applying after that date. She has no class audition experience but she is only 8 so I am sure there will be other opportunities in the future. Possibly next year 😂
  15. Hi I thought it would be nice to start this topic (if allowed) for those of us who have a DC applying for RBS JA Year 4 and 5 this year via video audition so we can keep track of each centre and help each other out with any questions. If there are any of you on this forum? Group 1 is London and we are Group 2 (Leeds). Would be nice to meet you all (virtually) on here and hear your views.
  16. Yes me too. We are Group 2 so shouldn’t be too long. I hope the content will be the same as the class auditions so at least we have an inkling of what to expect (from previous threads on here). Did you understand the email to say we will hear 2.5 weeks before our submission deadline so we get 2.5 weeks to create the video application?
  17. Thank you. There wasn’t a lot of detail on the email. I think we get 2.5 weeks to submit our application?
  18. Hi. I have been reading the posts on this forum but this is the first time I have posted. We received an email today notifying us that RBS JA’s Year 4 and 5 auditions will now be via video audition. Are there any Year 6’s on here who have auditioned via video this time who can offer some advice?
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