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  1. I know some lovely lads going that week including my DS, he will have a great time!
  2. totally agree, dont read ANYTHING into your views etc. Wait and see what happens, when my DS was auditioning for full-time school he only had one view on all three of his videos, got finals and a place offered for each! You really cant decode it xx
  3. From what I know, the artistic team will observe your child. I have known some children offered a school place from this.
  4. Hello, they don't board at YDA and yes they do have full academics alongside their dance training.
  5. email just out saying they will send well commencing the 10th May
  6. If your child is already training in the week then let them leave. They wont learn if they are unhappy. There are so many routes to being a successful dancer x
  7. sorry then they sent a second email saying the payment system has changed so a payment link will be sent out from 3rd may
  8. This id what was on our letter ' he Royal Ballet School’s Intensive Course, Summer London 2021. Acceptance deadline is 26 March 2021. If we do not hear from you we will assume that you do not wish to accept your place and we will offer to somebody else. The course fees invoice will be emailed to you during week commencing 19 April 2021. Payment deadline is 5 May 2021.
  9. we are the same, so blessed! Congratulations xxxx
  10. Count me in on the WhatsApp group. We can navigate it all together xx
  11. Same here, had accepted but just got a reminder email so did again.....just in case!
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