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  1. oh really , have Hammond been in touch with you ? How exciting
  2. I formally declined after no fee reduction as there was no way of finding that type of money for us
  3. I didnt hear that on the meeting I thought all were going on there , Hammond have said most parents are self funding this year wish that was an option , best of luck
  4. Has anyone been lucky enough to find a way of self funding ?
  5. No problem Im struggling to get hold of anyone Thank you
  6. Can I ask which senior member of staff did you speak to and was is by email ? or phone ?
  7. We had a welcome later same day as got told there was no remission for us , Ive formally declined the place now 😪
  8. yes i emailed we didnt get one either im afraid 😪
  9. Sorry to hear that what year was it for ? Has anyone else still not heard or am I the only one ?
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