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  1. Check the contrast of your background and dress accordingly, especially your feet. People will be watching on tiny screens and in low resolution and it’s much easier to see black leggings against a light background or pink tights against a dark one.
  2. @SugarPlum2000 sorry for the delay, been a lot on! https://m.facebook.com/DownlandDance/
  3. My local studio is running real interactive classes online via Zoom, AND you can enroll as a casual drop-in student just like you can in real life. Choice of five adult classes per week! They are an RAD studio so the adult classes are based in that style but without a syllabus. I’m not sure of the etiquette of posting links direct to schools but they are Downland Dance and the details are on their Facebook page.
  4. I dutifully do my Grade 8 barre along with three girls on YouTube, which is… better than nothing?
  5. Peanut68, look out for leotards with adjustable straps with sliders so you can adjust the torso length - most of these are camisole style though. Some styles are amenable to having their strap length altered by sewing as well, esp high-backed ones.
  6. If you can bear a really early start on Saturday, there's an adult open class in Abingdon at 8.30am - there'll be very little traffic and at least it avoids going into London. I confess I might hesitate before recommending that session to someone absolutely new to dance but I think with your experience you'll be fine. http://downland-dance.co.uk/classes/class-timetable/
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