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  1. Hi dd is starting Birmingham year 5. Anybody know the current times?
  2. What time do year 5 Birmingham take classes? Hoping somebody may know. Thanks
  3. Yes for us year 5 Birmingham! Can’t believe it. well done to everybody else, yes, no or swl theyre all amazing xxx
  4. Lol yes same here! Receiving many more than normal too. Luckily they go into my junk so I don’t get the ping that makes my heart skip a beat!!!
  5. I’ve been hoping this may happen too! But I’m not brave enough either!
  6. I’m starting to doubt it will be this week..
  7. Won’t be long now. Best of luck to all your beautiful dancers.
  8. Unfortunately I don’t think that theory will work as my daughter is an august baby and was viewed before her older friends.
  9. My emails say we got last years on Nov 9th.
  10. Lol couldn’t agree more! we’ve had the first set of views where each video was watched all the way through. Then the second set when half was watched.
  11. Are people still getting second viewings? I’m hopeful we may hear this week.
  12. We were thoroughly watched on all 3 the first time, then a viewing on 2 and 3 around half of each watched, then another quick view today. Hooefully it means she isn’t a straight no 🤞
  13. We’ve had more views today, video 2 & 3 🤔 so they have now viewed her on 3 separate occasions.
  14. Well it’s officially June so hopefully not much longer to wait! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
  15. It seems odd you haven’t had any when people are receiving second views. I would perhaps send an email.
  16. I think up until year 6 they just get an offer for another year. I don’t believe any from our school have had to reauditon before. Short wait list do though.
  17. Sorry about above I don’t know how to remove the quote. We’ve had videos viewed again, for a good amount of time (and we’re almost watched fully the first viewings)
  18. I believe you can only see if been viewed if you uploaded via YouTube. I may be wrong but I’m certain that is the case. welcome and good luck xx
  19. Don’t worry. They look for potential
  20. Anybody still waiting for views? Hopeful results may be early June if not 🤞🤪
  21. I would presume as some of these children were chosen via video after a few minutes viewing for the JEP programme that they may have discovered that some aren’t right for their programme. Of course this may not be the case but I would like to think JEP children won’t get priority over none JEP children and they’re all given a fair chance.
  22. I think it they have what Royal Ballet are looking for, how long they’ve been dancing doesn’t really come into consideration. My dd is quite experienced she’s been dancing since she was 2 and is very committed but nobody knows what Royal Ballet want..
  23. I’ve had so many guesses as to why. They’re unsure so wanted to see all of the videos. They love her so want to see everything. They fell asleep and left it playing? 😂 Judging by last year it could mean anything! Do we know how many places are available for y5 Birmingham?
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