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  1. Is the JEP programme definitely happening again?
  2. Yes hopeful there will be more spaces this year also! Thank you for the rough figures x
  3. Can anybody give a rough estimate of how many apply for year 5 and how many gain a place? Are we looking at a couple of hundred per year, per centre or much less/much more?
  4. Wow... Thank you so much for your honesty. Thank you everybody that has replied. Yes my children are still young, I have 4 and for now it works, they’re happy and we aren’t in too deep. I’ll support them for as long as they want/need but will I encourage.. I don’t know.
  5. If anybody does email them and finds out if a second audition is going to happen please let us all know.
  6. Did you hear this from your teacher too? No views here.
  7. Our teacher emailed us yesterday to tell us that they are hoping to do in person auditions and we should hear from them in April if dd has been successful for that. So hopefully the wait won’t be to long!
  8. Do you regret spending so much time and money on dance for your children? Do you wish you’d had more family time etc? My children adore dancing, competitions, associate classes, online classes, gymnastics etc but I feel that our life often revolves around it and I wonder if we’re missing out on other things by following and encouraging it all at such young ages knowing a career in this subject isnt easy and may never happen. My children all have a wonderful life and we do many lovely days out but I feel dance is always on the back of everyone’s mind no matter where we are or what we’r
  9. It still allows me to click apply now. Very strange.
  10. Has anybody else noticed that they’ve moved the deadline to tomorrow at 11am .. I’m positive it was due to close today.
  11. Best of luck everyone. Hopefully they won’t keep us waiting too long ..
  12. Yes same here! My dds teacher says has a lot of potential and everything royal ballet are looking for (as I’m sure many others do, her teacher has had several children gain places) but if she isn’t right for them I’d rather know so we don’t keep auditioning and breaking my daughters heart. It would be so lovely to get feedback.
  13. That is what I believe from my email response .. however the application did say somewhere they would like to have them in person if rules allow? I’m sure I read that and it wasn’t a dream?
  14. I emailed roughly a month ago asking about preliminary auditions and was told the process is the same as last year.
  15. I’m going to presume they’ve had less applicants this year .. it is a little frustrating though. I think most people who are auditioning would have already submitted..
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