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  1. How long before the audition can we get the LFT done does anyone know? Thanks x
  2. Thanks so much - that’s fantastic news.
  3. Thanks - actually yr 7 but not at school so can't access there. I'll ask the GP for advice and then try the private hospitals. Thanks everyone
  4. Hi Everyone what are you all doing about this LFT? How / where do I get one done?
  5. I think they will just let you know very quickly x
  6. Do we have timings for Tring finals yet? I haven’t booked accommodation but might need to.
  7. Sounds standard for them. It means that you have a place 😃
  8. The boarding for sixth form is in a fantastic new building but doesn’t mean there are more boarding places further down the school x
  9. Unbelievable! Dd’s dance school has a little “wall of fame” with everyone’s successes on.
  10. I think it depends on whether the school and training is enjoyable. If you said my dd could have an MDA on the understanding that she would never make it past 16 in the dance world I’d still take the place. I’d love a school with small classes and plenty of dance whatever it lead to. IF it was fun enough to make my daughter happy and not stressful.
  11. Reading these to my dd who got a No for year 8. It’s disappointing but must remind myself of all the other good things we have going on. Thanks for sharing x
  12. No, last year some girls didn’t make Elmhurst finals but did get places in Mids.
  13. Thank you so much for your comments everyone that’s really helpful. Anyone got Tring or Moorland comments to offer?
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