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  1. Ah ah I thought there were 2 groups!! 1 for current yr 7’s - will be 8’s with my dd to chat to. And another group for the *will be* yr 7 mums, that I might have joined. Sorry must be me confused!
  2. Yes please if it’s going to be helpful for starting and people don’t mind a yr 8 mum on there x
  3. Can I be added please? Or is it only for yr 7?
  4. I’ll send you what I have but it’s not an official list!
  5. Thanks for all the answers everyone x
  6. It’s so odd not having had a proper open day. How many are in each year please? How many boarders?
  7. Does anyone know what date next term starts please? Trying to make it feel real!
  8. Wow that's a great idea. I wonder if I have time to make one tomorrow morning. hmmmmmm
  9. Just wondering if anyone did anything special to let their child know they had a place? Dd will be starting yr 8 in September and we haven’t told her yet!
  10. Thanks - it feels lovely to be ‘back’ with you all again 😂
  11. Hi Betty’s Mum. I remember you from last year too 👋
  12. Congratulations. I think I remember you from this forum last year. I remember your cute name!
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