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  1. Oh sorry- maybe it was a different theead. Thought I read *somewhere* last night that upper school results were emailed on Friday. Maybe different school so apologies if im going mad.
  2. Didn’t someone say it was emails this time? Ive been refreshing every 10 minutes!
  3. Wow! Really? I might have saved that hotel money 😬. But then I guess you have to try for them don’t you.
  4. Dreamchaser will you let us know if they can tell us whereabouts we are on the list please? No point in us all contacting them if they won’t give any indication. Thanks x
  5. I think maybe the question is Does anyone know of a final audition candidate who *isn’t * on the reserve list?
  6. Also on the waiting list for yr 7. Lovely kind letters though.
  7. I think so. Something to keep us happy for our 💵
  8. I asked about when we would hear and the nice - but very unsure - lady helping with reception said that they had more auditions on Friday so it would be a few days after that. She seemed confident that Friday was happening- but then nothing is certain these days .....
  9. I think Tring is still doing all theirs. And then of course schools are still open so ..... Also what about The Hammond? I don’t think they have cancelled and that’s not until Wednesday next week!
  10. I think if people can’t get there they will look at the videos they took in the first auditions. X
  11. Goodness I hope they do. Got a hotel paid for and don’t think I can take much more of this waiting game. 🤞
  12. It just means that if they offer you a place it’s conditional upon passing a physio assessment at a later date. hope that helps.
  13. I didn’t phone the school but paid the fee because everyone here said you have to. If you’re not sure phone them. Let us know! (I’ll be gutted if I’ve wasted my money though!)
  14. Thanks loads. I think that is probably what mine said. See you there. Best of luck x
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