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  1. After no more views, my DD got a SWL 🤩 She's yr4, June birthday. I'm pleased with that! Massive congratulations to those of you with a yes and commiserations to those with a no. Well done to all the young dancers in difficult circumstances this year x
  2. We've still had no more views here either. A total of four minutes watched across the three videos. My DD isn't bothered as she's really happy at Elmhurst YD, but I'd have hoped for a few more minutes of viewing! Still, it's good experience. Fingers crossed for everyone here 🍀
  3. 🤣🤣 you never know! It could be the complete opposite!!!
  4. I've still only had 2 mins of 1st video, then 1 minute each for 2nd and 3rd videos 😕
  5. No, I have very short views of each video, yr 4 DD.
  6. Well done to your DD, fingers crossed for her! Which centre was this for? I know of two SWL for yr 4 girls in Bath. I wonder how many SWL they have?
  7. 2 mins on 1st video, and 1 min each on 2nd and 3rd here 😳 I'm guessing this is either really good or really bad 😕😂 It wasn't my DD finest performance, but so hard for the children online at home. Good luck everyone!
  8. Yes. My DD is yr 4 too, and a young one with a birthday In June.
  9. I really need to email RBS and make sure our videos haven't got lost in the ether 😳🥺
  10. @Candycakes82 have your videos been viewed at all yet? Mine still haven't so I'm starting to worry something has gone wrong and they haven't received them? 🤔
  11. It takes us 90 mins early in the morning as there's very little traffic! I know there are families that travel a long way to get to Elmhurst. My DD teacher always makes her class use the toilet before they leave, as she knows people have long journeys home!
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