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  1. @SarahG1881 I was told last year that around 10% applications are successful. In previous years, around 1000 children applied, so that means only 100 places are available across years 4-6 in all centres. Most yr6 clases are separate, I believe. Leaving a mix of yr4/5. However, this year more places might be available as they took so few last year due to Covid? That's my understanding. It still means JA is a hard group to get into!
  2. I'm guessing not as many people appear this year??
  3. @BellaF that's interesting to hear! My DD got a swl for yr4 Birmingham last year, so was offered an online JEP place (which we turned down). I knew places/numbers were reduced last year, but I'd assumed some were available...... Fingers crossed for better luck this year! 🙏
  4. I'm not sure, but RBS website certainly implies that the videos are just preliminary: The dates for JA auditions 2021 in each centre say 'tbc'. So it looks like they might be holding some final auditions in person this year??
  5. Hi @SarahG1881 I remember you from last year too! I'm also not mentally prepared for this right now 🤪 I think we'll be doing photos and videos towards the closing date! Good luck this time 🍀
  6. My DD took part in the insight day again this week. We were told that places available for 2020 intake much lower than usual due to smaller class sizes, studio availability, social distancing etc. But they were hopeful that numbers might be back to normal by Sept 2021? I read that as more places being available this year than ever?! Perhaps a little optimistic of me 🤣
  7. Hi! Birmingham as well (even though we live near Bristol!) My daughter is also a YD in yr4. I think I remember your DD is yr5?? We're looking forward to being back in the studio! Good luck to you too 🍀Xx
  8. Hello again @Spamcat! I remember you from last year 😉 My DD is also trying again for JA this year, I'm not looking forward to the roller coaster ride again 😬 She was SWL last year, but we turned down the JEP classes. I just hope they don't hold that against her!
  9. After no more views, my DD got a SWL 🤩 She's yr4, June birthday. I'm pleased with that! Massive congratulations to those of you with a yes and commiserations to those with a no. Well done to all the young dancers in difficult circumstances this year x
  10. We've still had no more views here either. A total of four minutes watched across the three videos. My DD isn't bothered as she's really happy at Elmhurst YD, but I'd have hoped for a few more minutes of viewing! Still, it's good experience. Fingers crossed for everyone here 🍀
  11. 🤣🤣 you never know! It could be the complete opposite!!!
  12. I've still only had 2 mins of 1st video, then 1 minute each for 2nd and 3rd videos 😕
  13. No, I have very short views of each video, yr 4 DD.
  14. Well done to your DD, fingers crossed for her! Which centre was this for? I know of two SWL for yr 4 girls in Bath. I wonder how many SWL they have?
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