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  1. It's a no for us this time (yr 5, Birmingham) 😔 I'm a bit gutted, as last year my DD was on SWL for JA and got a place at Elmhurst Young Dancers. But this year I guess RBS think she has less potential than last year? Her video wasn't the greatest, so I'm not totally surprised.... She's OK with it and loves her classes at Elmhurst. So we'll put this behind us and try again next year when 🤞🏼 auditions will be in person again! Very well done to all those that were offered places this year, congratulations to you all 🎉💕🩰
  2. @Dancedreamerit could be a definite yes, you just can't tell! My DD only had a few seconds viewed last year and was offered SWL in a year when hardly anyone was given real places. And even a no this year might turn into a yes next year. Good luck 🍀
  3. They've had views now too 🙂 So hopefully there aren't many left now and we'll hear soon!
  4. I wish I knew what all of this meant! We're applying for the same group. All videos watched thoroughly once, then each watched again for just a few seconds last week 🤔 I hope we find out soon!
  5. I know people who haven't had any views too. I suspect that different centres are being looked at by different people? Our friends with no views are Bath. Or perhaps in in the order videos were submitted? They were near the original deadline for submission.....
  6. They really do!!! I've given up trying to second guess 🙃 Which year group and location have you applied for? Ours is yr5 Birmingham. Good luck!
  7. It looks like we had a really brief 2nd view of each video yesterday, but analytics haven't loaded properly for those yet. Friends of ours still haven't had a single view yet, so I wonder if it will still be a while before results are announced?
  8. @SarahG1881 my DD friends haven't had views yet.....
  9. I think everyone is different and RBS seem to look at potential more than current ability? My DD has been dancing since age 2.5 and takes several classes a week. But don't let this put you off, as it means nothing and I have no idea how she'll fare this year! I think they look at physique, flexibility, musicality, potential and who knows what else??!! Good luck to your daughter x
  10. Absolutely! You're not alone, I have no idea 😬 It literally could mean anything!!! X
  11. That's interesting, as we're both Birmingham yr5? I wonder if they have had the same judge looking at them? X
  12. We've now had views on all three videos, they were watched on Thursday afternoon. 12 mins, 10 mins and 14 mins respectively. I don't know if its good or bad that they took so long to make their minds up?! 🤔
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