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  1. Wanted practice tutu to fit petite 12 year old.. Preferably black but may be swayed by other colours.
  2. Have posted some information on the other thread for this..
  3. My DD is at the Hammond, she has said the exercise they do by that name is this here. https://theprehabguys.com/vimeo-video/supine-hip-external-rotation-stretch/
  4. I have 9501 in Indigo age 10 or 9502 in Lilac. Worn for auditions last year and looked lovely
  5. Wonder if you can still access the talks if you have not been able to book on a Masterclass. At least that would be something.
  6. Well good luck for today my DD is going into yr7, fingers crossed for you & hope your chat works out as you hope. However I appreciate it is a big commitment in this current climate xx
  7. Congratulations 🥳 you must be thrilled... what yr group?
  8. I don’t know if it has been discussed on here or not, but I know some schools will let you know where you are on the list... Has anyone asked, I think in this situation you could try your luck. I am sure the school will understand if you want to get a realistic picture of chance etc. (Although surprises can still happen down the line) I got the impression from your post you were looking to move closer to school for the place, if this is so then a really good reason to ask for more information as moving obviously needs a lot of planning (I may have totally got the wrong end of stick) x
  9. @Milzmam if I hear anything more I will post it here... But yes it looks like they are on it. I for one would not want to be co-ordinating all of this. I work I a boarding school myself and i can assure you that just adds another host of issues to planning for a return. Take care & don’t give up....
  10. I spoke to the registrar yesterday confirming she had received our paperwork. I think the issue is that anything that was submitted prior to lockdown so 23rd March & in this case when accepting offer & being put forward for MDS. So the forms you have been re sent, the originals are at the school & due to the newish GDPR regs being so tight she can not take them home to work from. That is why you may have been sent another copy. Hope this helps. I was told they are having big virtual meeting tomorrow re boarding. We had to say today if we want boarding (my DD has MDS so not waiting)
  11. Hi. I have full order forms etc from The Dancers room, PM me your email & I will forward it to you, mine is on order with them already. Well not mine, my DD starts yr7 in September as well. Xxxx
  12. All I can think is that in this financial situation, maybe they are holding back funds to help existing parents if jobs are lost, wages decreased and extra assistance needed etc. I know this is similar in the school I work for. It does not really help, but it could be a reason for the change in bursary allocation.
  13. So sorry to hear that news, but in the current climate things may shrill change. One thing I think we have all all learnt is there is no certainty in anything at the moment. Many threads have people speaking of MDS award becoming available as late as August xx
  14. I am so sorry to hear that, very sad. That is the thing we have no idea what is going on anywhere and any requests are irrelevant compared to the suffering going on.
  15. That was why I asked before I phoned, don’t want to keep hassling them x
  16. I was as well, thought we were initially told all paperwork would be through on 20th.... I know had inset yeStepdad & first day of term today, so maybe later.
  17. Thank you @Dancing unicorn please let me know what you have xx
  18. Thank you much @margarite appreciated xx
  19. Oh that is amazing., congratulations.. Wehad heard someone was turning there’s down for an offer elsewhere & Betty was hoping your DD would get the offer. You must pm me your details & the girls can chat...
  20. Just seeing what Hammond uniform anyone has for sale. DD starting yr 7 in September, she is petiteM so small sizes please.
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