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  1. Brand: Dansez, camisole high cut leg line Size: Small Colour: Magenta Price: £15 inc postage and packaging
  2. Also have another dansez leotard for sale. size: small colour: wine/ deep purple price: £8 including postage and packaging good condition.
  3. Brand: Dansez, camisole with lovely high cut leg line size: Small colour: Lilac price: £10 including postage and packaging
  4. Hi, they are size small. They would fit any size between a size 6 and 10.
  5. Sorry this was meant for the for sale/wanted if it could be moved please.
  6. 1: • brand new with tags • very dark purple • high cut leg line, camisole • £15 inc postage and packaging, originally bought for £20 2: • used and has slight wear and tear • Light purple/pink colour • high cut leg line, camisole • £8 inc postage and packaging
  7. Hi everyone, dd has to choose a contemporary solo to learn and perform when she returns to the studio however she is struggling to find one online. She doesn’t want to perform the typical yagp or prix de Lausanne solos. If anyone has any recommendations of any contemporary, neoclassical or modern ballet solos that would be great. Thank you
  8. • Kiki yumiko for sale • size XS • colour: blue • £45 inc postage and packaging
  9. Selling a much loved blue yumiko leotard as it is now too small for my dd. I am looking to sell for around £50 inc postage and packaging however I may be able to negotiate. Pm if interested.
  10. I completely agree. I have known many girls who have had to leave dd’s US due to mental health because of the amount of pressure they place on the young students. Unfortunately times have not changed a great deal.
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